Samsung Unveils Newest Galaxy Devices at #UNPACKED

Samsung has just announced impressive new form factors joining the Galaxy lineup at today’s #UNPACKED event in Berlin, Germany. The new devices include the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, curved Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Gear S and Gear VR.

Maintaining the majority of features from its previous generation, the Galaxy Note 4 has made a few solid upgrades. The Note 4’s vivid display remains 5.7″ but with enhanced quad HD. The rear of the device features the same soft-touch leather material sans the stitching. A new addition to the exterior, the Note 4 has a metal frame around the perimeter of the device providing a solid look and feel. Available in black, white, pink and gold, Samsung emphasized that the Note 4 is a personal statement of style and a tool to enhance daily tasks.

A key focus of today’s event was the S Pen. New and improved, the S Pen will write and feel more like a traditional ink pen. It’s also been designed with cut and paste and selecting features that work with Samsung’s Smart Select and S Note applications. Demonstrating the upgraded 3.7MP front camera, the event’s hosts posed for a quick onstage selfie using the Note 4’s new 120 degree angle “selfie” feature similar to Panorama. Also improved, the rear camera is now 16 MP with Optical Image Stabilization and improved low-light photography. Battery size comes in at 3300mAh and is equipped with the same quick charging and battery save modes found in the Galaxy S 5.

Incipio’s Case Collection for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available at time of device launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4_2

Samsung Galaxy Note 4_5

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4_1

Photos via The Verge