How iPhone Recycling is Making the World a Better Place

Guide to iPhone Recycling eco ATMWith so many devices coming out, it’s hard not to want to upgrade to the newest products. But what should you do with your old electronic waste? The answer is, recycle it.

Why: Electronic waste is highly toxic and is a public health risk. Many people don’t know what to do with their E-waste and as a result, a lot of it ends up in the local landfills. E-waste contains highly toxic chemicals like lead that when leaked into the environment cause damage to the nervous system, blood, and kidneys. Cell phones contain precious metals like gold and silver and are valuable for recycling.

What: The eco ATM was founded to help combat the fastest growing waste stream in America. The company is abides to strict recycling standards that are environmentally safe. The ecoATM offers you money in exchange for the mining of the precious metals that live in your old device. Don’t Trash It, Cash It!

Where: ecoATM as a kiosk locator for you to find the nearest kiosk in your area. Keep checking in if there isn’t one near you because they are adding new locations weekly.

Preparing to recycle your phone:

If you are worried about protecting your personal information on your phone, read this blog post on ‘Erasing Information From Your Phone Before Visiting ecoATM’ for a step-by-step process for deleting all your info.

More Info on E-waste:

Despite recent state laws passed preventing the dumping of E-waste, it is estimated that in the US more than seventy percent of old computers, monitors, and TVs eventually end up in landfills. Recycling your electronics is environmentally friendly, and in certain states, it’s the law. Before going to a big retailer E-waste recycle center, make sure they dispose of the waste safely. Not all places guarantee it will be disposed of properly. Visit E-cycling Central to find a center near you.  There are many private and government e-Cycling resources out there to guide you in the right direction.


Don’t Trash It, Cash It!