Get in Shape in 2015 with these Top 5 Fitness Gadgets

With the new year always comes the New Year’s resolutions, and one of them is usually lose those extra holiday pounds. Why not start off the new year with a healthy outlook? Getting in and staying in shape should be a life long goal for your overall well-being. But getting caught up in life’s day-today can keep you from reaching your fitness goals. Here at Incipio we believe in work life balance so we’ve put a list of the top trending fitness gadgets like apps and watches to help you integrate your fitness goals seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.


Seven Minute Workout App

7 Minute Workout App: New York Times Scientific 7-Minute Workout App. That’s right, the New York Times released their research-based high-intensity workout on an app. This fitness app contains quick and intense workout is said to increase endurance, reduce appetite, and improve metabolic and cardiovascular health.






get-fit-in-2015-microsoft-bandMicrosoft Band: Microsoft developed a fitness device that syncs to an app making tracking your personal fitness easier and more insightful. The Microsoft Band is compatable with Apple phones and Android phones. The fitness device offers guided workouts, 24-hour heart rate tracking, sleep tracking and GPS run mapping.






Fitocracy: Having a device to help you get fit is helpful, but having a personal coach drives you to be accountable. With Fitocracy you can hire a coach for $1 a day. With a coach you get a fitness assessment to analyze your needs based on your skill level and needs to create you a personal plan. You also get a personalized nutrition plan, custom workout routines, and of course, motivation from your coach.



Withings Activite Fitness Tracker Watch

Withings Activite: The French and Swiss have teamed up to make one of the most stylish fitness watch we’ve seen so far. This watch does a lot of the same things other wearable fitness devices do, but this one does it in style. With its upscale design, no one would know that it’s a fitness watch. The watch comes with an app that syncs in with your watch and your activities. It tracks your sleep patterns, logs your workouts, and tracks calories burned. The one thing it doesn’t seem to have is the ability to track your diet and set up meal planning.






Google Fit – The fitness app by Google tracks your activity from your phone, just make sure you take your phone with you on your workouts. The app is only available for Android devices including Android Wear products. With this app you can monitor your progress of your set fitness goals. The product description says it connects to third party devices, but doesn’t elaborate on that feature.