Now Available: Incipio® offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery Collection

Incipio offGRID Backup Battery

Universal and Powerful Incipio® offGRID™ Portable Backup Batteries

IRVINE, CA – October 31, 2013 – Incipio®, designer and manufacturer of award-winning mobile device accessories, announces the availability of the offGRID™ Portable Backup Batteries online at and at select retail locations nationwide. Incipio’s latest portable charging solutions satisfy all mobile device users’ greatest need. Power.

The offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery lineup is made for users on-the-go and provides power to charge tablets, smartphones, and virtually any mobile device. Incipio’s portable backup batteries include the convenient single-port 4000mAh battery, dual-port 6000mAh battery and the ultra-powerful dual-port 8000mAh backup battery.

With a full charge, the offGRID™ 8000mAh battery can fuel an average smartphone an average of 4-6 times; an ideal portable power solution for users using their tablets and smartphones all day, everyday. Similarly, the dual-port offGRID™ 6000mAh backup battery fully charges an average smartphone 3-4 times, making it the essential power solution for active mobile users. Both the offGRID™ 6000mAh and offGRID™ 8000mAh offer a 3.1A total output and feature dual ports that charge two devices at one time. The lightweight and slim offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery 4000mAh offers a quick power-up and can fully charge an average smartphone 2 -3 times.

“Incipio is now offering mobile charging solutions that give our users the freedom to use their devices to the fullest and to always stay connected with power,” says Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive, Incipio®.

offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery Product Details

offGRID™ Portable Backup Batteries Output

4000mAh = 1 port = 2.1 amp output

6000mAh = 2 ports = 2.1 amp and 1 amp output

8000mAh = 2 ports = 2.1 amp and 1 amp output

Quick to Refuel

To charge your 4000mAh battery at 5V/2.1 A = 2 hours

To charge your 6000mAh battery at 5V/2.1 A = 3 hours

To charge your 8000mAh battery at 5V/2.1 A = 4 hours

The offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery 4000mAh is available for $49.99, the 6000mAh is available for $69.99 and the power heavy 8000mAh is available for $89.99 online at

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