INCIPIO Press Recap

Incipio NGP iPhone 6 Case

The Incipio Press Recap covers the latest reviews of Incipio products from the industry’s top tech critics. Making headlines this week is the NGP iPhone 6 Case, the Tuxen, Clarion, and Faraday iPad Air 2 Cases, and more. Get all the news below.


Incipio CEO, Andy Fathollahi featured in “13 Tech Leaders Share Their Monday Morning Ritual” | Inc.

“Preparation is my key to having a productive week. I usually have a handful of inspiring or interesting articles that I have read over the weekend ready to send to my team Monday morning. I like to do it early so they know that I am already awake and thinking about them. These articles range from motivational pieces and business stories to lighter items focused on their personal interests. It’s really a mix of “I’m thinking about business and I’m thinking about you” and “you are just as important to me as my business.” Preparing these articles takes time, but it shows them that their personal interests and professional growth are important to me. In addition, these articles create talking points throughout the week, give them a glimpse of what I have in mind, and build team harmony by setting the mood.” Andy Fathollahi, CEO of Braven



NGP Case Featured in “The Best iPhone 6 Cases You Can Buy” | Forbes

“There are a lot of good choices when it comes to the early batch of the iPhone 6 cases, but the best pick is the NGP. Very protective without sacrificing aesthetics, it’s going to be the case to beat going forward.”



Clarion, Faraday, and Tuxen iPad Air 2 Cases Featured in 9TO5Mac “Review: Incipio’s new Clarion, Faraday and Tuxen folio cases offer three small twists on iPad Air 2 protection” | 9TO5Mac

“If we had to choose one of the cases, Clarion would be it.”

“Faraday is a highly conventional iPad case…”

“…making the least expensive choice – Clarion – the easiets to recommend. If you value wraparound faux leather enough to pay a small premium and deal with added thickness, Faraday is good, and if you want the faux leather without as much thickness or protection, consider Tuxen…”


Clarion and Faraday iPad Air 2 Cases featured in iLounge “Review: Incipio Clarion and Faraday for iPad Air 2” | iLounge

“Clarion is the more interesting case to us, as it combines materials in a way rarely seen with iPad cases. It houses the iPad Air 2 in a soft TPU shell, with full button coverage — it fits more like an iPhone case than an iPad case. And that’s a good thing, especially with such a thin tablet. The snap-on closure on Clarion’s back may be a bit awkward to some, but we like the feeling of security it gives. As one might expect, the folding cover doubles as a stand.”

“Clarion earns our strong general recommendation — we like the button coverage and soft shell fit, and the price is also quite attractive. If Incipio offered a similar case without the folio cover, we’d probably be even happier with it.”

Faraday, “It’s recommended for those interested in folio cases.”


Stowaway iPhone 5s Case featured in redbook “8 Ways to Wear Workout Gear All Day” | redbook