Incipio CES 2014 Press Recap

Incipio 2014 CES Press Recap

Didn’t get a chance to catch up on all the CES 2014 news? Proudly returning with five overall Best of Show Awards, Incipio® garnered attention for its latest releases in Bluetooth® technology, mobile charging solutions, smart folios, portable Bluetooth audio and more. See all the reviews in the Press Recap below.

Incipio® Steno™ Keyboard Folio for iPad Air Wins “Best of Show Finalist” | iLounge

“Best of Show Finalist: Incipio Steno for iPad Air. This $100 iPad Air keyboard case superficially looks like hundreds of others that have been released for full-sized iPads, yet benefits from a variety of small tweaks that improve the typing and usage experience. The slide-out keyboard has nearly uncompromised, hugely usable keys, with the ability to accommodate multiple iPad viewing angles, while the shell looks very professional due to a mix of glossy and matte textures. It’s not the most innovative product of its kind, but it’s uncommonly polished.”

Incipio® Lineup featured in, “iLounge Show First Report” | iLounge

“Having previously evolved its accessory lineup from increasingly impressive cases to small electronics, Incipio is using the 2014 CES to radically expand its footprint within the electronics space.”

“In addition to a collection of impressive new Bluetooth accessories, Incipio is showing off a large lineup of new products from its speaker arm Braven.”

Incipio® Focal™ Camera Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “Show Report: Incipio” | iLounge

“Focal ($80) is a new camera case for the iPhone 5/5s, using Bluetooth LE to add physical zoom, shutter, and programmable shortcut buttons to your device, which along with a companion app really transforms the experience of using your iPhone into something very close to a typical point-and-shoot camera.”

Incipio® Prompt™ Visual Notification Pod featured in, “Show Report: Incipio” | iLounge

“Prompt ($40), Incipio’s new battery-powered Bluetooth visual notifications system, sits on your desk and provides colored light indications for iPhone events such as phone ringing, receipt of text messages, and more. You can customize the light colors to your preferences for various events.”

Incipio® offGRID™ Smart Battery Case featured in, “Show Report: iLounge” | iLounge

“OffGrid Smart Backup Battery Case ($80), a new Bluetooth LE-powered battery case, has a 1600mAh battery and the ability to automatically turn itself on and off based on the power remaining within your iPhone 5/5s. The Battery Case has a granular remaining power indicator, too. It’s the same size as a regular OffGrid, albeit with less power capacity.”

Incipio® offGRID™ Smart Portable Backup Battery featured in, “Show Report: iLounge” | iLounge 

“The OffGrid Smart standalone batteries come in 4000, 6000, and 8000mAh capacities ($70-$110). Like the Battery Case, they are capable of automatically activating and being monitored for granular changes in power level, with the additional benefit of being remotely activated from a separate device using Bluetooth.”

Incipio® VRE-1 Gaming Controller featured in, “Show Report: Incipio” | iLounge

“Incipio’s futuristic gun-shaped gaming controller for iOS ($70) has a detachable iPhone mount on the top, which will enable it to be used with not only traditional gun games for iOS, but also new augmented reality games developed specifically for it.”

Incipio® offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery featured in “Check Out Our CES 2014 Survival Kit” | Chip Chick

“Can’t find an available outlet to charge your phone at CES? No problem. The Offgrid Portable backpack from Incipio is essential since it provides us with a few full smartphone charges throughout the day.”

Incipio® VRE-1 Gaming Controller featured in, “Freeze! Incipio’s iPhone Mounted Gun Game Controller Puts You in the Action” | Chip Chick

“Not getting enough adrenaline playing those first-person shooter games on your iPhone? Grab one of Incipio’s gun controllers – you can mount your iPhone up top, then play any number of augmented reality games made just for the controller. The controller is loaded up with a trigger and several buttons, so it provides a full gaming experience for mobile users.”

Incipio® offGRID™ Union Backup Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “CES 2014: Roundup of the best iPhone and iPad cases” | IT Pro Portal

“This battery case for the iPhone 5S packs a 2000mAh cell and interchangeable backplates for personalisation.”

Incipio® Focal™ Camera Case featured in, “Incipio Focal Camera Case: An App Enabled Smart Camera for iPhone 5s” | Gotta Be Mobile

“The Incipio Focal Camera case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 delivers a more camera-like experience. While the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 allow users to take photos with the volume down button as a shutter, the placement is far from ideal. The Focal Camera Case relocates the shutter and zoom buttons to the upper right, like on a traditional camera. This makes it easier to take photos one-handed without blocking the flash or putting a finger near the camera.”

Incipio® Watson™ Folio Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S™ 4 featured in, “Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases” | Digital Trends

“This folio-style wallet cover should have wide appeal. The faux leather is eco-friendly and suitable for vegans. There’s a hard shell for the S4 to sit in, and a micro-suede lining to make sure there are no scratches. The wallet opens to reveal three slots for cash and cards, and an elastic strap keeps the folio securely closed, and provides a splash of contrasting color.”

Incipio® VRE-1 Gaming Controller featured in, “CES 2014: Incipio Voyages To A Braven New World” | Apple’ N’ Apps

“The neatest new addition from Incipio is a gun shaped gaming controller ($70) that offers an iPhone mount at the top. The goal is to create an augmented reality experience with games specifically designed for the hardware.”

“Incipio had a strong showing at CES 2014 with the inclusion of Braven speakers, and their own new case ideas.”

Incipio® Prompt™ Visual Notification Pod featured in, “O.C. firms show off new tech at CES” | O.C. Register

“Incipio’s notification pod sits on a desk or other surface and lights up in different colors when apps on your phone have something to tell you. It goes on sale next month for $40.”

Incipio® ATLAS ID™ Waterproof Case, Focal™ Camera Case and offGRID™ Backup Battery Cases featured in, “CES 2014 RECAP PART 1” | Fatlace

“Incipio showcased their new Atlas ID, waterproof ultra-rugged case, which is available for the iPhone 5S. The Atlas case without ID is also available for iPhone 5, 5c, Samsung Galaxy S4, Moto X, Moto G, Droid Mini and Droid Maxx. The case is waterproof up to 6.6 feet, shockproof, dustproof and comes with a warranty. This case would be a great companion for my trip to Hawaii next month.”

Incipio® offGRID™ Backup Battery Case for iPhone 5c featured in, “Incipio offGRID Backup Battery Case For iPhone 5c” | übergizmo

“The Incipio offGRID Backup Battery Case has been announced at CES this year, where it is said to be able to provide double the battery life of your iPhone 5c, thanks to the inclusion of a concealed battery that has been specially built in the case. This is ideal for those who are often on the move, as the Incipio offGRID Backup Battery Case would not only deliver a greater degree of protection, in addition to extended battery life of course. Not only that, the Incipio offGRID Backup Battery Case even sports a camera ring which is dedicated to reducing glare.”

Incipio® ATLAS ID™ Waterproof Case featured in, “[CES2014]: Incipio Debuts OFFGrid Battery Cases and TouchID Compatible Atlas Case” | t3chniq

“Incipio’s lineup looks great, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new cases as soon as we can.”

Incipio® offGRID™ Rugged Backup Battery Case featured in, “Best iPhone 5/5s cases at CES” | CNET

Incipio® VRE-1 Gaming Controller featured in “CES 2014: 13 Innovations That Are Game Changers” | Chip Chick

Incipio® Qi Wireless Charging Cases featured in, “Qi aims to become industry standard for wireless charging”| Mobile Syrup

Incipio® Prompt™ Visual Notification Pod, Steno™ Bluetooth Keyboard Folio, Mix & Match Folio for iPad Air and Desktop Charging Station featured in, “Incipio Unveils New Line of iPad Accessories at CES” | Pad Gadget

Incipio® featured in, “Incipio Unveils New Accessories for iPhone, iPad at CES” |