What is Wireless Charging?

How wireless charging works

You’re not alone if you’ve been wondering what is wireless charging?; as it’s actually one of the best technologies to get your device batteries charged up. Gone are the days you need that long, dangly cord to power up your devices.

Actually, wireless charging has been around for a few years, but it has taken awhile for this tech trend to catch on. There is a promising outlook  for wireless charging to hit the  mainstream with major companies such as Ikea and Starbucks integrating wireless charging into their business model.

How Wireless Charging Works

• A base unit plugs into your electrical outlet.
• It then generates an electromagnetic field called an induction coil.
• Your mobile device also contains an induction coil.
• Both coils work together to create an electrical transformer.
• Lastly, this energy magically powers up your device battery.

What Exactly Is Wireless Charging?

The wireless charging battery industry is serving up faster, easier ways for you to power up. Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the granddaddy of power standards created by the Wireless Power Consortium.

So to answer the question what is wireless charging, it’s the perfect magical solution when you’re sick and tired of chasing down your power block and USB cord. Instead of scrambling to connect your phone to an electrical outlet, you merely place your phone next to, or on, your nifty wireless charger. Then presto-chango, your device gets juiced up automatically!

Quick to Set Up Out of the Box

You’ll love how easy it is get juiced up with you Qi wireless charging pad. You won’t need to beg your techie friends to help. It’s simple: plug in, put down your device and power up. So many people are buying wireless charges because they’re think-free.

All that wonderful electrical current you love to use staying connected with friends and family will suddenly starting powering up your handheld.

Think of a Qi wireless charger as a hub that connects to your outlet and then sends energy to your devices wire-free. Using a dual USB charger is a great way to keep your wireless charging station ready. The dual port USB is a great mobile charging accessory for charging many devices at once.

Now do you invest in learning more about what is wireless charging and then buy yourself a hub? Yes. Join millions of people who are saying forget-about-it to cords, connections and cables.

Google now ships their Nexus models fully ready to go Qi-style. More than 675 other devices now support Qi. Wireless charging may be the new norm for charging your devices in the near future.