Weekly Press Recap

Featuring an extensive collection of cases for the latest smartphones, Incipio’s lineup is catching media attention from top critics and reviewers. Get the 411 on the latest form factors, portable backup battery solutions, waterproof cases and more in the Weekly Press Recap.


Incipio Focal™ Camera Case and Stowaway® Credit Card Cases featured in, “Best cases for iPhone: 31 iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 cases that you will love” | Macworld UK

Incipio Focal Camera case

“Incipio has introduced a case for the iPhone 5/5S that will appeal to photography enthusiasts. The Focal Camera Case not only protects your iPhone from bumps and scratches, but also aims to help you take better photographs with the device. The case includes dedicated shutter- and zoom buttons that connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth, helpfully reducing camera shake by removing the need for you to touch the iPhone’s screen. Incipio also offers a free inCamera companion app.” 

Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 5/5s

“Incipio’s Stowaway case for iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 is designed to be impact resistant, stylish and practical. Available in eight colours, the new iPhone case has a back compartment that can hold up to three credit cards and also doubles as a handy stand.” 


Incipio offGRID™ Rugged Battery Case featured in, “8 Ways to Keep the TSA From Taking Your Phone” | PopSugar

“If you’ve got a Summer vacation planned, showing up at the airport with your phone not fully charged could be a dangerous idea. The Transportation Security Administration has implemented rules stating that if your phone can’t be turned on at the airport, it may be confiscated. Breaking TSA’s new cell phone regulations could lead to a serious inconvenience: traveling without your phone. So, when you’re packing your bag for your next vacation, make sure one of these handy battery packs or chargers is stashed in your carry-on. The rugged Incipio offGRID Battery Case ($70, originally $90) can handle some bumps while on the road and give your phone a 10-hour talk time boost.”

Digital Trends

Incipio DualPro® Case for Moto E featured in, “Protect your bargain phone with these 10 great Moto E cases” | Digital Trends

“If you’re concerned that the understated Moto E won’t be noticed, then redress the balance with some garish pink. This case also comes in black, white, and cyan. As the name suggests it’s a dual layer case with a tough outer shell and an inner core that dissipates the shock of a fall or bump. It’s well made with a comfortable soft touch finish and precise cut-outs, though it does add a little bulk to an already chubby device.”


Incipio Steno™ Bluetooth Keyboard Folio for iPad Air featured in, “Review” | iLounge

“While smaller than those on a standard desktop keyboard, the keys are still well-sized, and the layout is correct. We found ourselves adapting to it very quickly, and we were able to type without missing keys or making any serious errors. Importantly, the apostrophe and semicolon keys are where they’re supposed to be; when they’re not, it can be a big problem.”

“Steno is a totally solid keyboard case…”

“That’s why Steno earns our general recommendation—it’s a good product from a reputable company.”

Techno Buffalo

Incipio ATLAS ID™ Case for iPhone 5s featured in, “Best Waterproof Cases for the Summer!” | Techno Buffalo

“Last summer, Incipio made our favorite waterproof iPhone case, and this year the company is offering the impressive Atlas ID. As the name suggests, this case supports Touch ID as well. It’s also waterproof up to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes and promises to protect your phone from drops, dust and dirt. The Incipio Atlas ID is priced at $89.99, but Amazon is currently offering the waterproof case for under $55.”

Digital Trends

Incipio feather® Case featured in, “How to pick the best case to protect your device from life’s daily hazards” |  Digital Trends

“These cases will be in one-piece and they are typically made of TPU, which is durable and slightly malleable, so it’s easy to fit and it offers some shock protection. Hard, slim cases can be tough to fit and they won’t provide much protection from drop damage. You’ll find the biggest range of styles and colors in this category, but make sure you check the cut-outs and remember that a lack of protection at the corners or a lip on the front means weak protection from falls.”

Real Simple

Incipio Focal™ Camera Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life” | Real Simple

“If your smartphone has become your camera of choice, outfit your phone with this unique case to ensure you’re snapping high quality photos. The case features dedicated shutter and zoom buttons, which eliminates the need to tap your phone and ensures a steadier and clearer photo. Bonus: sync the case with the free inCAMERA app to access a timing function, editing capabilities, and more.”

Mac Life Mag

Incipio Steno™ Bluetooth Keyboard Folio featured in, “Overnight Recap: Apple CEO Works on iPad, Mikey Digital Mic Adds Lightning” | Mac Life Magazine

“Still in search of just the right iPad Air case? Incipio announced Thursday a new contender known as Steno, billed as an “ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard folio” capable of transforming Apple’s latest tablet into a full-fledged mobile workstation. Priced at $99.99, the Steno features a 78-key sliding keyboard and 14 quick-access shortcut functions (including a dedicated screenshot key), and it promises optimal key spacing for maximum typing efficiency — even without a desk or table. Incipio Steno is now available from the company’s website and “premium retailers” nationwide.”

App Advice

Incipio Steno™ Bluetooth Keyboard Folio for iPad Air featured in, “Incipio unveils its new Steno Bluetooth Keyboard Folio for Apple’s iPad Air” | App Advice

“Incipio, maker of several popular iOS device accessories, has announced a brand new product. Its Steno Bluetooth Keyboard Folio for iPad Air (pictured above) offers owners of Apple’s larger tablet “an ultra-thin hard shell case with sliding keyboard,” and it’s available to order now.”

Android Headlines

Incipio Case Lineup for LG G3 featured in, “Incipio Announces A Slew of new Cases for the LG G3” | Android Headlines

“Now everyone knows that I really like Incipio’s cases, because they are pretty high quality. And they are always adding more and more to their inventory of cases. These are all available today, and cost between $25 and $40. Which may seem like a bit of an expensive case, but it’s definitely worth the money, in my opinion. I’ve bought cases for the LG G2 and Moto X from Incipio and have loved them.”

The Gadgeteer

Incipio Case Lineup for LG G3 featured in, “Protect your new LG G3 smartphone with a case from Incipio” | The Gadgeteer

“For that reason I’ve been looking for a case and was interested to learn about Incipio’s new line of LG G3 cases that they just rolled out today. Their new collection of LG G3 cases include 6 different styles that have names like Octane, Feather and Highland. Each case offers something different…”

Android Central

Incipio Case Lineup for LG G3 featured in, “Incipio Announces Series of Cases for LG G3 for All Types of Situations” | Android Central

“Accessory company Incipio has announced a series of cases for the newly released LG G3smartphone, ranging from lightweight designs to models designed to take a lot of use and abuse. The cases include the NGP ULTRA, shown above, which has a “flexible and impact resistant” design. The company said, “The NGP ULTRA also features a stretch and tear-resistant soft shell technology and provides excellent shock absorption and a smooth matt finish for a comfortable hold on the LG G3.”