Weekly Press Recap

Looking for the best phone case for your device? From top technology experts including CNET, Digital Trends and iLounge.com, this edition of the Weekly Press Recap is packed full of reviews of fan-favorite Incipio® gear including the ATLAS Case, DualPro Case and f38 Headphones. See it all below.


Incipio DualPro® Case for Samsung Galaxy S®5 featured in, “Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases” | CNET

“There’s nothing terribly fancy about Incipio’s DualPro case, which has a rigid exterior and soft interior, but it’s a solid case for the money. Available in multiple colors.”

Incipio PlexFolio™ for Samsung Galaxy S®5 featured in, “Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases” | CNET

“This is Incipio’s take on the folio-style case. The Plexfolio converts into a stand for video watching and is available in a few different color options.”

Incipio f38 Headphones featured in, “f38 Headphone Are A Sound Buy” | CNET

“A very solid headphone…Nice retro design…A comfortable headphone.”

Digital Trends

Incipio ATLAS™ Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 featured in, “Protect Your Galaxy S4 With One of These 30 Cases” | Digital Trends

“Entering the rugged case market in style Incipio’s Atlas boasts four layers of protection that will keep your S4 safe in the face of drops, dust, and water. It’s a solid mix of TPU, polycarbonate, silicone and tempered glass that covers every angle. Waterproof up to 2 meters for up to 30 minutes it meets military standards for drop tests and has an IP68 rating. It’s definitely a bit bulky, but rugged cases always are, and it does have Incipio’s sense of style. It also comes in white, black, or grey.”

Incipio Capture™ Case for iPad Air featured in, “49 impressive iPad Air and iPad 2 cases and covers” | Digital Trends

“If you’re going to expose your iPad Air to the elements then it could be a good idea to snag a rugged case like this. It offers multiple layers of protection with a soft inner core, a hard shell, a bumper, and a removable 360 degree rotating neoprene hand strap to ensure you don’t drop it. This case can handle bumps and falls, it is splash and dust resistant, and you get a screen protector included as well. It will be overkill for most people, but anyone requiring real protection should take a look.”

Incipio LGND® and Lexington® Case for iPad Mini featured in, “40 of Our Favorite Retina-Ready iPad Mini Cases and Covers” | Digital Trends


“Combining vegan leather and a plextonium shell, this offering from Incipio is good value for money. It opens like a folio, and the cover features a popular origami design that allows you to fold it into various stand positions. Microsuede on the inside keeps your iPad Mini pristine, and the tough plastic shell will protect it from bumps. If the dull grey or black doesn’t cut it for you then there’s always purple or teal.”


“If you’re after a nice leather folio look then this case from Incipio should be right up your street. It has a rigid plextonium frame and a microsuede lining – let’s just say it’s tough on the outside and soft on the inside. The cover has a slot-in tab that holds it in place and it can fold in the middle to create a stand for a viewing angle and an inclined typing angle. It’s the first case in the video, but you’ll see a couple of other options from Incipio in there too.”


Incipio Capture™ Case for iPad Air featured in, “Reviews” | iLounge

“Capture’s hand strap is a combination of nylon and Velcro, attached to a plastic mound. This allows it to easily be resized to a length that’s comfortable. The plastic bump is smooth, making it easy to slide your hand over it, and it feels really nice. An included pad fits around the strap to protect the back of your hand. The handle turns in either direction, clicking into place with every 1/16 rotation. This allows you to find the right position, and easily change it as necessary. …For those who do require the high level of protection this one offers, it’s a good choice. The handle is an added benefit, but again, only for those who need it.”

Android Headlines

Incipio DualPro® Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 featured in, “Featured Review: Incipio Dual Pro Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5” | Android Headlines

“The DualPro is one of my favorite line of cases from Incipio, and I actually have it for my LG G2, which is my daily driver. We have the soft TPU case that goes against your device, then a hard-shell that goes on top of that. Protecting your Galaxy S5 from drops and such. The inner core is pretty flexible, making it easy to install on your Galaxy S5. …Like I’ve said before, this is one of my favorite lines of cases for any device. And a good choice for your Samsung Galaxy S5. Whether you like the way the Galaxy S5 looks or not, it’s still a great case for protecting it.”


Incipio offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery featured in, “250 miles with the Galaxy S5” | Phandroid

“After two days of use with a little over 30 percent left on the phone’s battery I gave it a quick recharge via my Incipio offGRID battery pack. I can’t say enough for that little device either. In an extremely portable and rugged-in-its-own-right package, the offGRID provided 6000mAh of backup juice (enough to get about two full charges of the GS5’s 2800mAh battery) with two USB ports providing 3.1 amps of charging power. Charge times were quick, and they needed to be. The trail waits for no one and we were constantly on the move.”

Binary Wasteland

Incipio Watson™ Wallet Folio and NGP® Case for HTC One M8 featured in, “Watson and NGP for HTC One M8 Reviews” | Binary Wasteland


“We decided over the weekend to do some stress tests on the device and and case and see how well this simplistic yet possibly effective case proved to be…… Another test on the case is that when the toss happens our dog tends to think we want to play with him and will grab the tossed case after it has landed and run off with it. Trying to get the device and case from him after catching up seems to be a challenge as he grips tighter the more you pull. Once finally retrieved we found that a few teeth marks were the extent of the damage and those have relatively disappeared over the remained of the weekend.”

“With the beat down we provided during our stress tests left us quite impressed with the Incipio NGP case for the HTC One M8. All of this protection and a lowly price tag of $19.99 CAD we think it would be wreck-less to not get at least one of these cases as your daily driver or at the least, a backup case.”

“We do have to mention again how refreshing access to all ports, no matter how trivial they are, is a definite plus in our books as it does not seem like a widely adapted feature.”


“On the back of the device is the dual camera openings and an opening for the mic. If we were to turn the case right we would see the opening where the volume rockers are exposed. The neat feature about this side is that the slot for the SD card slot is left open as well for easy access. This is one benefit over the Otterbox Case we reviewed for the HTC One M8.”

“Looking to the overall quality of the case we don’t think there is anyone in market who can beat the Incipio Watson for the HTC One M8. For the decent cost of $44.99 CAD we think that this is one of the better folio cases we have seen yet to emerge for the M8.”

“…we think that Incipio has raised the bar for what a quality cost effective folio case should look like on a premium device.”


Incipio DualPro®, Watson Wallet Folio, NGP® and feather® SHINE for HTC One M8 featured in, “The Big HTC One M8 Best Case Roundup and Review” | Slashgear

“While not the most heart of the group, the Feather Ultra Thin Snap-on Case wins in this collection, offering basic resistance with an extremely subdued look. It’s also nearly impossible to remove from the HTC One (M8), so it’s not going to get kicked off on accident – that’s for certain.”

Tech We Like

Incipio Watson™ Wallet Folio for Samsung Galaxy S5 featured in, “Guide: Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5” | Tech We Like

“Wallet cases have become so popular with the rising importance of our phones. The Watson Wallet Folio case allows you to detach your phone from the wallet “housing” when needed. It’s a nice classy case. Good for business trips and meetings, or just everyday use.”