Weekly Press Recap

This week’s roundup covers the latest reviews from the industry’s top critics, covering Incipio‘s best phone cases, tablet covers, carrying solutions and more. Start the weekend off right with the latest scoop in the Weekly Press Recap.

Android Headlines

Incipio Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases featured in, “Featured Review: Incipio Rival Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5” | Android Headlines

“I’ve been using the black one on my Galaxy S5 for a few days now, and really do like it. It looks great, and feels great as well.”

Tech We Like

Incipio EDGE® Chrome and [PERFORMANCE]® Armband featured in, “Guide: Best Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day – #HappyMothersDay” | Tech We Like

“This cute case is fashionable and chic. The 2-part sliding case goes on quickly for easy installation.”

Gadget Review

Incipio LGND® Case for iPad mini with Retina display featured in, “13 iPad Mini Retina Cases That Deserve Big Attention 2014 (list)” | Gadget Review

“The Incipio LGND Case ($35) is made from vegan leather and a plextonium shell, opening like a folio but its origami-design cover lets you hold it into various stand positions. Inside there’s microsuede, while it’s touch plastic shell will protect it from bumps.”

Tech Bargains

Incipio offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery featured in, “Incipio Portable Backup Battery Review” | Tech Bargains

“The offGRID is an extremely compact portable backup battery that works for both phones and tablets – and pretty much anything else that charges via USB power. With the massive number of devices that get their juice from a USB outlet, the need for a device like this only grows with each passing day. The offGRID is compact, simple to use and can provide enough juice to charge a phone three times over. What more can you ask for?”

Android Central

Incipio feather® Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 featured in, “Incipio Feather Ultra Thin case for Galaxy S5” | Android Central

“The case feels great while giving you an extra bit of grip, and best of all it doesn’t get in the way of the way you’d use your phone without a case. There’s enough material there to keep the sides and back of your Galaxy S5 from picking up the daily wear-and-tear of tossing it on tables and maybe dropping it a few times — and for most people that’s all you want or need in a case.”

Digital Trends

Incipio DualPro® Case for Sony Xperia Z2 featured in, “Shopping for Sony Xperia Z2 cases? Here are 10 solid suggestions” | Digital Trends

“There aren’t many rugged cases on the market for the Xperia Z2 yet, but this offering from Incipio provides a good level of protection by combining a silicone core with a hard outer shell. The two pieces lock together easily and they’ll ensure your Z2 doesn’t bite the dust if you happen to accidentally drop it.”

Wireless Week

Incipio Cashwrap™ Mobile Wallet featured in, “Isis Mobile Wallet Adding 20K Accounts Daily” | Wireless Week 

“Products like the Incipio CashWrap enable NFC transactions on an iPhone and the Isis mobile application is available in the App Store.”

Pop Sugar Fitness

Incipio [PERFORMANCE]® Armband featured in, “How a Geek Trains For a Marathon” | Geek Sugar

“Running with a phone in your hand gets old, and the Incipio Armband for iPhone 5S ($35) is a comfortable option thanks to the soft, water-resistant neoprene — no gross sweat buildup here. The plastic window registers touch, so you can skip through songs that aren’t motivating your feet to hit the pavement.”

Phone Arena

Incipio DualPro® Case for Sony Xperia Z2 featured in, “12 great Sony Xperia Z2 cases and covers” | Phone Arena

gadget unit

Incipio Cases for HTC One M(8) featured in, “[Review & Giveaway] Incipio HTC One (M8) Case Showcase: DualPro SHINE, NGP, Watson” | Gadget Unit

Gear Diary

Incipio LGND® for iPhone 5s featured in, “Get Legendary Protection with the Incipio LGND for iPhone 5S” | Gear Diary

“If you do like this style, and you want a case that opens like a book rather than a reporter’s flip notebook, this is an excellent option. Not only is it priced nicely, but it comes in four different colors.”


Incipio EDGE® Chrome Case for iPhone 5s featured in, “Incipio Edge Chrome iPhone Case” | Freshness

“While others are fine with a simple, neutral model, Incipio’s EDGE Chrome iPhone Case is a great way to turn your device into a chic, trend-setting accessory worthy of the amount of time that it spends in your hands. While the top part of the two-piece sliding case comes in seven different colorways, each shares a chrome base in either a gold or silver hue. With all the necessary ports and the right amount of protection, this case will have your form and function bases covered.”

Incipio Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases mentioned in, “Samsung Galaxy S5 + Gear 2 + LeBron App” | Nitro:licious