Weekly Press Recap

Incipio Weekly Press Recap

From carrying solutions to portable batteries, Incipio® has you covered. Discover the latest reviews for smartphone cases, audio solutions, and more in the Weekly Press Recap.

Incipio Stowaway® Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “12 Super-Cute Tech Accessories, Because You NEED A Headphone Beanie” | Seventeen Magazine

“With a built-in compartment to stash your ID, credit cards or cash, you don’t even have to worry about carrying a bag when you’re out.”

Incipio Stowaway® Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “Best cases for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5: 35 cases and covers to protect your iPhone” | MacWorld

“Incipio’s Stowaway case for iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 is designed to be impact resistant, stylish and practical. Available in eight colours, the new iPhone case has a back compartment that can hold up to three credit cards and also doubles as a handy stand.”

Incipio offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery featured in, “Reviewed – Incipio offGRID 2-Port Portable Backup Battery” | Shred Talks

“It’s simple to use, just push the button and your charging. It’s also got a really nice rubbery feel to it. To be able to take it on a trip and get 3 or 4 battery charges out of it without having to worry if there is sunlight for some solar panel set up it’s a win in our books.”

Incipio ATLAS ID™ Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “INCIPIO ATLAS ID WATERPROOF CASE REVIEW” | Fatlace

“I can think of many scenarios where the Incipio Atlas ID can come in handy including vacations, outdoor activities (surfing, snowboarding, white water rafting, fishing, etc) or just when you need ultra-protection. This case will come in handy poolside, water parks or even provide entertainment for kids in the bath.”

Incipio Cashwrap™ Case for iPhone 5/s and 4/4s featured in, “iPhone Users Gain Access to Isis Mobile Wallet” | LowCards.com

 “The Incipio case gives a chip to iPhones that do not have one built in.”

Incipio DualPro® SHINE Case for LG G Flex featured in, “Featured Review: Incipio DualPro Shine for the LG G Flex” | Android Headlines

“As far as look and feel go, this case looks amazing on the LG G Flex. It feels great in hand too.”

Incipio Marco Sleeve for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “Best iPhone 5s & 5 Sleeves/Pouch Cases: Good Protection, Minimal Design” | iGeeksBlog

“The Marco Premium is actually a hard-shell pouch with microseude internal lining. It protects the iPhone not just from dust and moisture but also from accidental scratches and bumps.”

Incipio Cashwrap™ Mobile Wallet for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “Incipio Cashwrap” | Gearculture

“As if the humble wallet wasn’t wounded enough, along comes Incipio Cashwrap to really rub the salt in. Sporting an ISIS Mobile Wallet with NFC-capablitly, it offers contactless payments, reading, writing, and peer-to-peer communications for your iPhone. Card details are collected and protected on a tamper-resistant chip, making it safer than regular cards and cash.”

Incipio Focal™ Camera Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “The headphones, cases and accessories of Mobile World Congress 2014” | CNET

 “This Incipio Focal case adds physical shutter and zoom buttons to the iPhone 5S.”

Incipio offGRID™ Pro for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “Incipio offGRID Pro iPhone 5 Battery Case Review” | Pnosker Tech

“The offGRID Pro itself has the perfect weight and feel to it, adding only minimal bulk to my phone.  The volume and power button covers are the best I’ve ever felt in a full phone case.”

Incipio Cashwrap™ Case for iPhone 5/5s and 4/4s featured in, “Incipio Cashwrap Isis Mobile Wallet Case For iPhone 5/5S Review” | Business 2 Community