Weekly Press Recap

Weekly Press Recap

We’re wrapping up another great week of reviews with this week’s Press Recap. Covering Incipio’s line of Stanley® ultra-rugged iPhone 5 cases, feather® SHINE series, Lexington™ folio case for iPad mini and many others, see for yourself what reviewers are raving about this week!

Incipio® LGND® for iPhone 5 featured in, “First Looks” | iLounge

“If for some reason you prefer folios for to other styles of cases for your iPhone, LGND is a good choice. Like most products from Incipio, it feels very well thought out and put together. As folios go though, it’s quite good, and as such, earns our general recommendation.”

Incipio® AR Case for iPhone 5 featured in, “Gadgets” | Gizmodo

“…Incipio’s new Rugged AR Case promises a usable level of accuracy when it comes to measuring distances of up to 6m. The secret is a removable triangular augmented reality marker on the back that works alongside an accompanying app and the iPhone’s camera. It provides the app with a reliable visual reference, since the smaller it appears in frame, the farther it is away from the phone.”

Stanley® Technician® Case for iPhone 5 featured in, “The Stanley Technician Case From Incipio is Tight and to the Point” | ModMyi 

“If you have more of a minimalist attitude and don’t like carrying the extra bulk, but still want some moderate protection, I can recommend the Stanley Technician case for iPhone 5 from Incipio. This is one of my favorite cases that I’ve checked out in 2013 thus far, as it’s tight-fitting and I like the design on it.”

Incipio® Stowaway® for iPhone 4/4S featured in, “Case Review” | Capsule Computers 

“If you are looking for a case that will help you shed a little bit of bulk by allowing you to keep your wallet at home, the Stowaway is a great option. It can easily fit three credit cards and a spare bill or two tucked in there for good measure. The case is also a great choice for the clumsy iPhone owner as it is extremely well protected. At $34.99, it is reasonably priced considering the high quality of the materials used. The case slides easily into the pocket without becoming a lint magnet due to quality of silicone and the plastic feels great in the hand. I highly recommend this case.”

Incipio® AR Case for iPhone 5 featured in, “Construction Chic: Incipio’s AR Tape-Measuring iPhone Case” | Cult of Mac

“…the iPhone 5 Rugged AR Case And Mobile Utility App adds an extra twist of accuracy, using a detachable section as a marker so that you can measure distances of up to 20 feet.”

Incipio® Lexington™ for iPad mini featured in, “Incipio Lexington iPad Mini Case Review” | Yahoo!

Incipio® feather® for BlackBerry® Z10 featured in, “Incipio Announces Colorful Protective BlackBerry Z10 Cases” | BlackBerry Cool

Incipio® BlackBerry® Case Lineup featured in, “Incipio Unveils Extensive Built For BlackBerry Case Collection for the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone” | Reuters

Incipio® feather® for iPhone 5 featured in, “Review” | Chris Voss Show 

Incipio® feather® SHINE for iPhone 5 featured in, “Review” | Chris Voss Show 

Stanley® Highwire for iPhone 5 featured in, “Review” | Chris Voss Show

Incipio® Lexington™ for iPad mini featured in, “Review” | Chris Voss Show 

Incipio® Frequency™ for iPhone 5 featured in, “Incipio Frequency Case Review” |  GMANIST000 Tech Reviews