10 New Cases for Your New iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

It’s official. We got the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and our cases fit! This week’s #FreshFriday will exclusively feature protective phone cases for these brand new devices. As always, we’re happy to answer your questions on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels.

1. Octane Case for iPhone 6s 

Engineered with a rigid back shell and shock absorbent textured bumper, the Octane iPhone 6s Case protects against everyday dents and drops. Finished with a translucent back and contrasting colorful bumper, this case provides protection while showing off your device. Shop for an iPhone 6s bumper case today.

iPhone 6s Bumper Case

2. DualPro Case for iPhone 6s 

One of our tried and true cases, the impact resistant and shock absorbing iPhone 6s DualPro Case will defend your device from day to night. The two-layers of interlocking defense work together to protect your phone throughout any situation. Shop protective iPhone 6 cases here.

3. NGP Case for iPhone 6s

There’s a reason our NGP Case continues to be an all-around favorite. Made with shock absorbing material that is stretch and tear resistant, you can rely on this case to protect your device against drops and dents throughout the day. Shop here.

Best Rated iPhone 6 Case

4.  Response Case for iPhone 6s 

If you want to counteract harmful damage against your phone, look no further than the Response Case. Meticulously engineered with specialized compression zones built into the integrated bumper, you get high impact protection in a sleek compact design perfect for everyday defense. Shop Incipio iPhone 6s Response bumper phone cases .

Incipio iPhone 6s Response Bumper Phone Cases

5. DualPro Shine for iPhone 6s Plus

The only thing better than one later of defense? Two laters. The DualPro SHINE has an aluminum style finish with two layers of interlocking defense to protect your device from heavy wear and tear. It’s the ideal case for anyone looking for a stylish yet protective case. Shop here.

6. Octane for iPhone 6s Plus

The Octane Case protects your device with a complimentary design that highlights the frame of your device. The frosted transparent back lets the device shine through while the textured, shock absorbent bumper protects against accidental dents and drops. Shop here.

Clear iPhone 6s Bumper Case

7. feather SHINE Case for iPhone 6s Plus

It’s as simple as snap-on and go. For the person who loves how slim their phone is, the sleek feather SHINE delivers a stylish design and discreet protection without compromising the design of your device. Shop here.

8. Highwire Case for iPhone 6s 

The unique design of the Highwire iPhone 6s Case offers a no-slip, comfortable grip with soft-touch finish, while offering protection against everyday wear and tear. Shop here.

Incipio Designer iPhone 6s  Case

9. feather Case for iPhone 6s Plus

The feather Case, an Incipio classic, is ultra sleek and thin to maintain the slim shape of your device. With a shock absorbing interior liner, your device will be protected from everyday wear and tear! Shop here.

10. Twill Block Case for iPhone 6s 

Form-fitting and built to last, the Twill Block iPhone 6s Case features soft shell technology for lightweight and reliable protection. Shop here.