Top 5 Apps for Dads


With Father’s Day around the corner, make sure Daddio is App-reciated! Fill him in with some App advice by showing him Incipio’s Top 5 Apps for Dads.  From grilling to gaming, these apps are perfect for keeping Dad on track.  Continue after the jump for the details…

1. Phone Aid: For  all the new Dads on the block, you want to be prepared for ANY situation.  Phone Aid is an App that provides you with everything from First Aid advice to CPR instructions.  So, when your little one comes rushing over in a state of panic after their first bee sting, Dad can be the hero by using Phone Aid.

2. Poker Pals: Addicted to poker?  Addicted to word games?  Poker Pals is the epitome of an addictive game by combining these two types of entertainment into one wildly fun App.  Strategically lay your best 5-card poker hand on the board and play off the other opponents hand.  Similar to Words with Friends, but with poker hands!

3. GrillTime: King of the Grill, they call him.  GrillTime just makes it easy for all of the “Grill Masters” out there.  Select your meat, thickness and level of doneness and you’re on your way to the perfect BBQ Slider.  Equipped with automatic updates, recipes and timers!  Mmmm…we’re getting hungry all ready.

4. bespoke Monogram: Whether or not your Dad works from home or travels for business, we guarantee he is constantly using a device or signing-off important documents.  Personalize his Incipio Inscribe™ Stylus Pen with the bespoke™ Monogram App. Choose your pen color, personal message and hit complete. I mean, he is “The World’s Best Dad,” after all!

5. GasCubby: They may not ask for directions, but Dad’s will appreciate the GasCubby App in order to keep track of gas mileage, services and expenses. On the next family road trip you’ll feel safe knowing your tank is full because he can look up the nearest, cheapest gas stations along the way!