Through the Lens of Our #TakeCharge Ambassador

Born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida, Garrett Cox has always had a love for photography. Whether he’s catching a baseball game or exploring various shores in his home state, his iPhone is powered by the offGRID Express Battery Case. Get to know Garrett’s photo inspiration, must-follow Instagram accounts and more, with this Incipio #TakeCharge Ambassador.

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Let’s get to know you a bit. What’s your story?

Tampa, Florida has always been home. It is a very central location in FL, which easily allows for trips from North Florida (Tallahassee/Jacksonville) to South Florida (Miami/Keys). Florida’s weather cannot be beat…with the exception of the summer heat. I have a love for boating & being on the beach, so I am lucky to call this place home.

How did you get into photography? And tell us about the switch from hobby to passion.

I have always had a creative interest. I used to draw all the time & have always enjoyed taking photos. I grew up with a cheap Nikon that I would take on vacations. The image quality was so far from what it is today. Then, I really got into mobile photography with my iPhone. I started posting to Instagram & really enjoyed the community aspect. I have met so many people across the US that I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. I started getting inspired by some of the individuals that I followed & wanted to travel more to experience these beautiful locations. I decided to purchase a Canon 60D & from there I have tried to expand my creativity with each shot that I posted. Now, any chance that I get to go somewhere new I want to capture that location/moment to the best of my ability.



If we were to look through your photo bag, what would always be in there?

My camera bag holds a few items. My Canon 60D with 18-135MM & 50MM lenses, remote shutter release to allow for long exposure shots, both UV/ND filters, and multiple SD cards. I also usually carry an America flag, because I love taking flag shots at unique locations.

Whose work are you inspired by?

Santiago Calatrava is a legendary architect. His work amazes me. I have had to chance to visit both the new Florida Polytechnic University and the new World Trade Center Path station, which features such clean, white modern structures. After visiting these locations separately, they both reminded me of each other. After researching, I found out that they were both designed by Calatrava. His modern design is fascinating.

What are your top three tips for amateur photographers?

Try to take your shot from a different perspective. So many people snap a photo in front of their face, but if you get as low to the ground as possible, or shoot from a high vantage point, often it adds more depth. I am a big fan of leading lines/vanishing points. They can be found everywhere & there is something about these lines that really draw you into the photo. I usually try to apply the rule of thirds to my shots, taking into consideration how the viewer’s eye will move across the image. Don’t be afraid to get creative with what you have to work with around you. Sometimes the coolest shots can be taken in your own backyard.

garrett cox blog

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In addition to photography, what are your other interests?

I’m a huge fan of the game of baseball. I grew up playing almost every day. I have a goal to visit every MLB stadium in America. I am currently at 20/30. Hope to complete the remaining ten in the near future. My favorite stadium would probably be AT&T Park in San Fran or Petco Park in San Diego. Additional interests include: fishing, boating, or just hanging out with friends.

Tell us about a time the offGRID Express Battery Case came in clutch.

This battery case is so neat! As someone that loves to take many iPhone photos, your phone battery gets drained very quickly. I can’t tell you how many times this could have come in handy. One time, I was in the middle of a snow covered Central Park NYC in March. Because of the weather conditions, the park was next to empty. It was one of the most amazing sites I have ever witnessed! But, my phone battery ran out & I couldn’t shoot as many photos as I would have liked to. If only I had the offGRID then!

Most exciting trip you’ve ever taken?

I recently took a roadtrip from San Francisco/Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. Some of the views in Pointe Reyes National Seashore were incredible! It was also my first time since I have gotten more serious about photography that I got to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. From Marshall’s Beach to Bernal Heights, these are both great places to shoot. Also had the chance to shoot Emerald Vista Point and Secret Cove/Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe. It is in a place like this that you are truly in awe of God’s beautiful landscape.

Five Instagram accounts everyone should follow – go!

@truthb0mb – Truth is the one of the coolest 16 years old that I have ever met. His photography has a unique theme that is truly inspirational. He can also jump higher than most people I know. Check out his hashtag #truthjumps

@maxgarcia – Max has so much fun with her photography & always finds a great shot wherever she is at! Her account makes me want to work to be more creative to get on her level!

 @ayce09 – Jimmy’s passion for photography is evident through his photos. Not to mention he is super involved in the Instagram community & has played an instrumental part in helping me to learn more about photography. He consistently produces amazing work and is a fellow #TakeCharge Ambassador.

@andrewhector – Andrew has some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen! He has the opportunity to visit a ton of National Parks that are absolutely breathtaking.

@gmp3 – I love NYC photography. There are some many things to capture & Gerry does an amazing job! This clarity of his photos are amazing!