The Wait is Over | The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is Here

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has landed.. and it was worth the wait. After last year’s Note 7 debacle, many have been anxiously awaiting Samsung’s newest member of the Note family. As pointed out multiple times during the Unpacked event in New York City, the Note has a cult like following and that community was not giving up on the device just because of the Note 7. DJ Koh, president of mobile communications, explained how to many “the note is much more than a smartphone.” The Samsung Note 8 has incredible features that are the first of it’s kind within the Note family; including a dual camera with OIS, infinity display and updated S pen tricks.


The stunning Samsung Galaxy Note8 [Image: 9to5Mac]

Camera is twice as good… literally. 

From initial reports and what we saw during the Unpacked event, it seems like the Note 8 camera is the best smartphone camera on the market. An industry first, this device has a dual camera with both sensors having optical image stabilization (for those wondering, only the primary camera on iPhone 7 Plus has OIS). With this dual camera comes a long list of new modes including Samsung’s answer to Apple’s portrait mode. Samsung takes it a step further with their version, live focus mode, where you can adjust how blurry the background behind the focused person or object is. You can also add or remove the blurred background after a photo is taken; something Apple has yet to offer. To summarize, having the Samsung Note 8 is almost like having a professional camera in your pocket.

Samsung Note 8

The Dual Camera on the Galaxy Note8 [Image: The Verge]

Largest Smartphone Display… Ever. 

Taking after the Samsung S8 and S8+, the Galaxy Note 8 has an infinity display, which according to Justin Denison, senior VP of product strategy, allows users to “view more and scroll less.” The display measures at 6.3 inches, the largest display on the smartphone market currently. With the infinity display, Note 8 users have the ability to use “multi-window” which allows you to view multiple apps at once (a game changer if you ask us). Samsung has also created “app pair” which lets consumers create a shortcut to launch your favorite 2 apps simultaneously; think Maps and Spotify for those long road trips.

S(pectacular) Pen 

Have you ever heard of “Pen Up”? Neither had we.. until today. Pen Up, an app where Samsung Note users can share artwork they’ve created with their S pen, has 2.7 million users, according to Suzanne De Silva, the director of product strategy. With so many loyal Note users, many whom love the Note because of the S Pen, Samsung had to introduce some new features to the pen. This S pen has more levels of pressure sensitivity, is water resistant and has a translate feature that allows you to highlight entire sentences with the S pen and translate to 71 different languages. The S pen also allows you to personalize your messages beyond emojis; the S pen lets you handwrite a message or a pen, send it to a friend and it’ll play back animated just how you drew it; if that’s not cool, we don’t know what is.

Samsung Note 8

S Pen allows you add personal touches to messages [Image: The Verge]

Available in four colors, black, gray, gold, and blue, the Samsung Note 8 will be available for purchase on September 15th.

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