The 'Tarot' Apple Compatible Remote/Card Reader

Tarot SD Card reader The Tarot”™ Apple compatible remote and card reader by Incipio Technologies allows you to easily access your music, photos, videos and DVDs on desktop and notebook MAC Computers via remote control.

Using the power of Front Row, the menu-driven full-screen interface that comes with your MAC computer you have full control all of your media content including accessing the menu system, controlling volume and changing songs, fast forward and reverse while watching movies, scrolling through pictures and much more. What’s truly unique about “The Incipio Tarot”™ Card Reader is the built-in SD Card reader and USB port for file transfer. Long gone are the days of carrying both a remote control and card reader. Simply take your SD Card from your camera, PDA or other device, place into “The Incipio Tarot”™ Card Reader and connect it to your MAC. One Device “The Incipio Tarot”™ Card Reader provides you with the ability to transfer and control all your media on the MAC.

Tarot SD Card Reader Tarot SD Card Reader Tarot SD Card Reader


  • Apple Macbook Pro
  • Apple Macbook
  • Apple iMac
  • Apple Mac mini
  • Apple Mac Pro

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