The Next Microsoft Surface Pro is Here.

Today, in Shanghai, Microsoft announced the long anticipated new Microsoft Surface Pro. Yes, you read that right; Microsoft, like others, have dropped the numbers from their product names and are sticking with the basics. While looking at Microsoft’s newest product, it may look similar to previous models but when it comes to the inside, it’s vastly different. According to Microsoft’s Surface chief, Panos Panay, he claims “there are about 800 new customer parts in the new Pro.” Microsoft’s Surface devices have always been the company’s answer to the people who do not want a full laptop. They have again succeeded and created a device that is faster than the average tablet, lighter than a laptop and all around an incredible device with a very long battery life, an updated hinge and a new Surface Pen.

microsoft surface pro 4 rendering

The Microsoft Surface Pro [Artistic Rendering] 

13.5 hours of battery life

Microsoft is upgrading the Surface Pro to a new processor which is the main reason its battery life is exceptional compared to previous models. With a new processor and other improvements to Windows 10, the Microsoft Surface Pro should deliver 13.5 hours of battery life. If these claims are accurate, that means this device has more than double the battery life compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Microsoft has also promised they’ve improved its sleep function, which was causing battery to decrease faster on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

New Device, New Hinge 

In the past, the Microsoft Surface Pro hinge has caused some issues for customers but with the new 165-degree angle hinge on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft is confident they’ve solved previous problems. With the new hinge, the Surface Pro is almost able to lie completely flat & the hinge no longer snaps when you push it too far. Microsoft has also promised the hinge will not break if you lean on it too much.


The Surface Pro [Image courtesy of The Verge]

Surface Pen 

In previous years, the Surface Pen was included with the Surface Pro. Not anymore. The Surface Pen is now being sold separately for $99. According to Panay, “right when you put the pen down, depending on how far you push, it’s like a ballpoint pen at this point.” The new Surface Pen is more responsive & has a new functionality called “tilt.” “Tilt” will detect the angle of the pen to allow shading and better accuracy for inking.

engadget image

The new Surface Pen [Image courtesy of Engadget]

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro is available for pre-order today starting at $799. Sign up here to learn more about our case collections.