5 Everyday Uses for ClamCase+ Backlit Keyboard

LED Backlit keyboard. 3 levels of brightness. Bluetooth pairing in seconds. Slimmest in its class, the ClamCase+ transforms your iPad Air 2 experience, with the functionality of a laptop and portability of a tablet. The backlit keyboard adds an extra level of functionality and we’ve come up with 5 everyday uses for ClamCase+.

1. On the Airplane

When flying at night, its custom for the lights to be turned off which could make it hard to see the keys on your average bluetooth keyboard but not with the ClamCase+. With backlit keys, you can finish that report your boss is waiting on or respond to some last minute emails.

2. Around the House

Ever been on the couch at home and trying to type on your keyboard but can’t see a thing? Not a problem with the ClamCase+. Enjoy your movie while you catch up on what you missed on social media that day.

ClamCase+ for iPad Air2_4

3. Working Late

Have you ever wanted to turn the lights on your dorm but your roommate is sleeping? Pulling an all nighter in the dorm to finish that paper for your English class can be difficult when you can’t see the keys but with the ClamCase+ you can write until the sun comes up with weeks of use from 1 single charge.

ClamCase+ for iPad Air 2_3

4. Hitting the Road 

Headed on a road trip but still need to get some work done? Even if you’re driving through the night, you can still crunch some numbers in the backseat with some help from the LED Backlit keys.

5. Power’s Out

And finally… whether you’re at home, at the office or somewhere in between, if the power ever goes out, which obviously happens on a regular basis, you won’t miss a beat with the ClamCase+.

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