The Four Photo Editing Apps You Need.

Our friend, Garrett Cox, recently travelled to Iceland and took along some of his trusted Incipio gear including our NGP Case for iPhone 7 Plus (pictured below). Since Garrett is such an incredible photographer (evidence below), we picked his brain about his favorite photo editing apps so everyone can get that perfect insta.

1. AvgCamPro

Ever wish you could slow down the camera’s shutter on your phone? AvgCamPro is the app you need. According to Garrett, “by keeping the camera’s shutter open, it allows the lens to capture all movement during that specific amount of time.” The app gives you the ability to manually select time, interval, and number of photos. Garret does warn “it is essential to use a tripod to eliminate movement of any sort as the photos are stacked on top of one another.”

2. Lenslight 

If taking photos during “golden hour”, is your thing, the Lenslight app might be the one for you. Garrett likes Lenslight because it “allows the user to create sun flares and additional light sources so it’s a great way to add that extra touch a golden hour photo needs.”

3. Color Splash

The grass is always greener on the other side. Or at least it is in this app. For Garrett, Color Splash, “allows you to create dramatic emphasis on particular elements of the photo by adding or removing color.”


Courtesy of  VerticalResponse

4. TimeLapse

Seen all over Instagram, TimeLapse allows you to record any given amount of time but speeds up to a final video length. Garrett advises to use this app for times like “clouds moving in the sky” or “waves rolling in at the beach” but there’s definitely no wrong way, just “have fun with it.”

And there you have it. With Garrett’s tips, we’re on our way to becoming experts at mobile photo editing.

Garrett’s Iceland x Incipio moments: 

Incipio 3

Incipio 8

Incipio 14

Incipio 13