The Best New Features of iOS 8

After its unveiling at WWDC in June, iOS 8 will be available for download tomorrow. Major upgrades include streamlined sharing between multiple devices, adding convenience to controls and Family Sharing. To get a quick overview of some of the most notable iOS 8 features, read more below.


Under your Apple ID, you will be able to seamlessly transition between tasks on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Start an iMessage on one device and finish it on another. You’ll even be able to answer calls on your Mac and view caller ID on incoming calls.


Apple has rolled audio and video messaging into its platform, much like the popular application, Snapchat. Furthermore, users can set messages to self-destruct after sending, avoiding lingering photos and videos taking up precious phone storage.

Interactive Notifications

There’s never a good time for interruption, but thanks to iOS 8 you’ll get live time iMessage, Facebook and calendar notifications with the ability to answer them right then and there from the notification drop down.

Apple Pay

NFC has finally come to the iPhone and will allow for secure mobile payments with participating vendors. Upgrade your device to iOS 8, enter your credit card credentials and enjoy convenient payment with a number of retailers without ever pulling out your pocket book.


Swipe left right from your inbox to reveal action items for new messages.

Family Sharing

You and five family members can now merge iTunes accounts and share music, apps, games, television shows and movies. Apple IDs and passwords can vary as long as every participant is sharing the same credit card. An added bonus – parents can approve in-app purchases prior to download. Your group will also have a dedicated photo stream, calendar and shared locations.


Did you take a great photo on your iPhone but want to edit it on your desktop? Well now you can. Your photo library gets stored on iCloud and can be accessed from any coordinating iPhone, iPad or Mac. Storage also applies to edits made in-app as long as the Apple ID is the same.