The Best Super Bowl Recipe. Ever.

By the Ladies, for the Ladies

Snacks for the Super Bowl - Italian Zucchini Pasta Salad

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” SAID NO ONE EVER. Actually, Kate Moss did, and she kind of nailed it. But it’s Super Bowl this weekend, and snacks are basically a necessity. So what better way to improve your social status than by showing up to a party and impressing your friends with something healthy AND delicious? Don’t worry, I’ll still be cocktailing to make up for the calories. But only because I already have an insane workout scheduled for Monday.

About a year ago, my sister introduced me to an amazing kitchen gadget called a Spiralizer. What is this you ask? THE BEST INVENTION EVER. It’s a mind-tricking machine that turns your vegetables into noodles. Your brain THINKS you’re eating carbs, but you’re really cutting out a ton of calories and feeling just as satisfied with eating zoodles (that’s right, zucchini noodles), along with other fun veggie friends in the “no-carb” zone. I’m obsessed, because I love to cook and I try to keep things on the healthier side. Don’t be fooled though, I still eat quesadillas for dinner most nights. Because I’m an adult.

Alright, back to Super Bowl and the fresh feast you’re going to share with your friends…and lovers…and new crush you meet at the bar that day…

I’ll be at a house party on Sunday and most of the people in this group are gluten free because it’s #trending, and apparently a real thing these days, so I figured I should make something that everyone can enjoy. So here it is, the best Super Bowl snack for people who can’t eat carbs…drum roll puhhhlease…Italian Zucchini “Pasta” Salad! I think this is the perfect dish because it’s hearty enough for the guys, yet light enough so you don’t have to feel guilty about filling up on a second serving of nachos later.

Check out the recipe on (this chick is a genius in the kitchen). And if you don’t have time to purchase a Spiralizer this weekend, you can always bring the same 7 layer bean dip that one of your friends probably already purchased at the grocery store…



Authored by: Meghan