So Fresh & So Clean: How to Properly Clean Your Smartphone

Have you already broken all of your New Years resolutions? Don’t fret; we’ve got one that is super easy to maintain; keeping your tech clean in 2017. Did you know your cell phone has more germs than a toilet seat? We know, gross. Luckily we’ve compiled a few ways to keep your device as clean as can be.

clean your smartphone
Image courtesy of TODAY 

1) It’s important to treat your smartphone with some TLC. iKlear will rid your device of germs but won’t damage your phone in any way.

2) Only trying to remove dust and fingerprints? Apple recommends using a soft, lint free cloth.

3) Are you a multi-tasker? Well the Phonesoap 2.0 is for you because it charges and cleans your device at the same time. The Phonesoap uses UV-C light to break through bacteria and remove any germs your smartphone has picked up.

4) On the go? Throw some Spruce & Co Screen Cleaning wipes in your bag so you’re always prepared. These gentle wipes are 100% natural, free of harsh chemicals and individually wrapped so they stay fresh.

There you have it! Now go ahead and get cleaning. Your device and your health will thank us.