We’ve had the iPhone X for 5 days… and we’re obsessed.

Well.. we’ve had the iPhone X for a few days and we’re already in love. While some aspects of this generation of iPhone are hard to get used to, like no home button, no Touch ID & the steep price point, we see why there’s so much hype for this device. Of course the first thing we did when we got the iPhone X was put a case on it to protect the glass back and super retina display. In need of an iPhone X case? Shop them here.

iPhone X DualPro case

The DualPro case on the iPhone X. 

The second thing we did was set up the face ID, the new way to unlock your phone. Gone are the days of unlocking with a finger print. Apple has gone a step further from other smartphones who have the ability to be unlocked by scanning your eye. The iPhone X scans your entire face to unlock it. How does it work you ask? Well, Face ID works because of the TrueDepth camera that’s tucked into the display notch at the top of the phone.  We set up the feature in our office and it worked every time. See it in action here:

At first glance, the iPhone X is a stunning device. Between the glass back and the edge to edge screen, it stands out amongst it’s competitors. The iPhone X’s OLED display has a 5.8-inch display which is bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus display but it’s a taller, thinner aspect ratio so it’s technically not as big but either way, we’re into it. Without the bezels, Apple has given us it’s first edge to edge screen and we’re loving it. Even though some apps have not updated to accommodate, including Google Apps, everyone is sure to catch up in no time. Another thing we’re loving about the iPhone X? The Animojis. You can create and share custom animated characters in iMessage that use your voice and mirror your facial expression. If that’s not the future of technology, we don’t know what is.

While we got our hands on the highly coveted iPhone X, not everyone was able to. Lucky for you, we’re giving one away! Enter here to win an iPhone X.