Incipio Press Recap

From the powerful offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery, to the Focal™ Camera Case, learn more about the latest Incipio gear that gets you the most from your devices.

Laptop Mag

Incipio Focal™ Camera Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “Top 15 Cases for Apple iPhone 5s and 5c” | Laptop Mag

“Incipio’s new Focal Camera Case finds a sweet spot between style and functionality for iPhone photogs. This suave black covering sports a leather grip and dedicated zoom and shutter buttons that work with the free inCAMERA iOS app, so you won’t have to rely on your phone’s touch screen for camera controls. Whether you want a more stylish and comfortable way to take photos on your iPhone 5s or simply want to avoid shaky selfies, it’s worth aiming your focus at this $79 add-on.”

Mac Directory

Incipio Frequency™ Case for iPhone 5s featured in, “Back-to-School” | Mac Directory

“The Frequency is made to fit the iPhone 5 like a glove. The case features NGP soft shell technology for a smooth matte finish that proves everyday iPhone protection and a snug low profile fit. If you are looking to have minimal bulk in your pockets while still protecting your phone from scratches and dents, then this is the case you need.”

Digital Trends

Incipio feather® Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 featured in, “Protect the next big thing: Our 15 favorite Galaxy S5 Cases” | Digital Trends

“Here’s the ultimate case for minimalists. The Incipio Feather is extremely thin, around 1mm, but the Plextonium material it’s crafted from provides durable protection. It has a nice soft-touch feel that makes it comfortable to hold and you can get in a range of colors including black, yellow, pink, purple, grey, and the pictured cyan. There are covers for the power button and volume rocker, but they don’t get in the way, and the cut-outs are very precise.”

Tech Hive

Incipio Cashwrap™ Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “These cases turn your smartphone into a pay pal” | Tech Hive

“When the opportunity presents itself, Isis works great. Unlike with Loop’s ChargeCase—which we’ll talk about in a moment—you won’t have any anxiety at the moment of purchase, wondering if the terminal will work with your newfangled charge case. If you see the contactless symbol on the terminal, the Cashwrap simply works, every time.”


Incipio Cashwrap™ Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “These cases turn your smartphone into a pay pal” | MacWorld

“The Cashwrap is designed for the iPhone 5 and 5s and has an embedded microNFC chip that taps into the ISIS Wallet app (available for AT&T and Verizon subscribers) to securely store your credit card data.”

iDownload Blog

Incipio Focal™ Camera Case for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “The Incipio Focal case will turn your iPhone into a point-and-shoot camera” | iDownload Blog

“Truly, the case is for people looking for a point-and-shoot experience, just as Incipio advertises. It is great for people that tend to drop their phone while taking pictures.”

Incipio Lexington® Folio for iPad Air featured in, “Incipio Lexington folio gives professional flare to your iPad Air” | iDownload Blog

“Incipio is great at making cases. I have owned many across the years as a reviewer. One thing is always consistent with Incipio cases, their basic models are simple and straightforward. The Lexington case is one of the products. It is not overly fussy with zippers, or buttons, locks, or twisting enclosures.”

TechDad Review

Incipio Desktop Charging Station featured in, “Incipio Dual USB Desktop Charging Station” | Tech Dad Review

“CONCLUSION: The Incipio desktop charging station works well and looks good doing it. You can get a variety of 5-port desktop chargers for about the same price, but if you want to keep the clutter down to a minimum, the Incipio is a good choice.”

Tech We Like

Incipio Expat Backpack featured in, “Back to School Buyers Guide – Backpacks / Laptop Bags” | Tech We Like

“The Expat Backpack from Incipio fits laptops with 15″ screens and is available in 4 colors (black, grey, blue, and red). It has ergonomic shoulder and sternum straps combined with vented back padding for extended use.”

Phone Arena

Incipio DualPro® and Watson™ Wallet Folio for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 featured in, “12 Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases” | Phone Arena

“Another fairly slim case, the Incipio DualPro adds even more protection with its shock-protection body and a bit of a flare with its dual-color design.”

Android Central

Incipio feather® SHINE for Nexus 5 featured in, “Review” | Android Central

“There’s no reason for any protective cover to make your phone look bad, and the Incipio Feather SHINE won’t. It has a brushed Aluminum look that really goes well with the black Nexus 5, or gives a nice contrast against the red and white models. There are generous cutouts for the camera and buttons, and the top and bottom of the shell are open for access to the headphone jack and USB port.”

Consumer High Five

Incipio Lexington® Folio for Google Nexus 7 featured in, “Review” | Consumer High Five

“You pretty much get 2 unique viewing angles to switch between unless you happen to perform some serious yoga poses with your case. Considering that this is a Nexus 7, this is plenty of viewing angles. It is very easy and quick to switch between the different angles which is also a plus. I can’t complain because the quality of this case shines compared to most competitor cases.”

The Infinite Studio

Incipio offGRID™ Rugged Battery Case featured in, “The Ten Best Portable Chargers For Keeping You Wired In, Even Off The Grid” | The Infinite Studio

“Sleek, simple battery-boosting without any muscle-numbing, hand cranking or fold-out solar panel set-up, the Incipio offGRID is a burly iPhone 5 case with integrated 2,000 mAh battery. The offGRID Rugged is beefed up for the trials of the outdoors with an impact-resistant bumper to fend off drops and bumps and a scratch-resistant, tempered glass screen protector. The new case is available for $90.”