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The Incipio Press Recap covers the latest reviews of Incipio products from the industry’s top tech critics. Making headlines this week is the offGRID EXPRESS iPhone 6 Battery Case, the DualPro protective iPhone 6 Plus Case and more. Get all the news below.

Beatweek Magazine

Incipio offGRID EXPRESS for iPhone 6 Review – 5/5 Stars

“The offGRID EXPRESS is the best iPhone 6 battery case on the market. Its $79 price is right in the middle of the market, making it a good value play as well. Rating: five stars out of five.”

“With the Incipio offGRID Express, the iPhone 6 battery case market finally has a winner. It’s a market which tends to be hit and miss because vendors have to carefully balance wedging an extra battery into a case against making the iPhone impractically bulky, and in recent years have also had to deal with the headphone port being on the bottom next to where the iPhone plugs into the case. But the offGRID Express manages to thread the needle on both counts.”

Examiner Logo

Incipio Watson for Samsung GS5 and Stowaway for iPhone 6 featured in, “Tech Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015”

Watson for GS5 

The Watson Folio with Removable Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 is a 2-in-1 vegan leather cover with folio and detachable feather case. The vegan leather cover protects your whole device and the included three card slots allow you to easily carry credit cards, ID or other cards. The Watson Folio with Removable Cover provides full coverage for your Samsung Galaxy S5 and a storage solution for your essentials.


The Stowaway Credit Card Case with Integrated Stand for iPhone 6 is a tough and stylish case with a back compartment to hold up to three credit cards or pieces of ID. The case is constructed with a Flex2O soft-shell core that provides superior shock absorption and device protection. Easily put the case in Kickstand mode for hands-free viewing of photos, videos and more. The Stowaway Credit Card Case with Integrated Stand is the perfect solution for protecting your iPhone 6, storing your cards and enjoying your media.


Incipio DualPro for iPhone 6 featured on Kempt

 “I’m not normally one for phone cases, as evidenced by the cracked iPhone 4 I toted around for over three years. But I recently purchased a new 6 and figured I might as well sacrifice some slimness for a little extra protection, mainly because insurance is for suckers. Well, while attempting an ill-advised Frogger maneuver through traffic on a major Brooklyn avenue this weekend, the unthinkable happened. I looked back to see my phone flying in slow motion from my pocket directly into the path of both tires of a midsize SUV. Retrieved without a scratch to be seen, and Incipio just found themselves a lifetime user. Now if they would just start making body suits… so long, health insurance.”

GottaBe Mobile

Incipio offGRID EXPRESS for iPhone 6 featured on Gotta Be MOBILE

“The overall design of the OffGRID Express has improved over previous models. The biggest improvements are the buttons that cover up the power button and volume buttons. They have a nice chrome finish and are a lot easier to press down. They actually feel way more natural to press down.”

“As for how the battery performs on the OffGRID Express, its 3,000mAh capacity makes it one of the highest-capacity iPhone 6 cases available, with only Tylt’s Energi case beating it out with a 3,200mAh capacity and the Mophie Juice Pack Plus cramming in 3,300mAh for $120. Still, if you’re looking for a high-capacity option, Incipio is a brand to consider.”

“In the end, $80 for the OffGRID Express is a great price…..if you’re looking to spend as little money as possible, the $80 for the OffGRID Express is a good way to go.”


Performance Armbands in “Best iPhone Sports Armbands” 

“Incipio’s Performance Armband is a no-frills offering, made of heat-sealed, breathable and water-resistant neoprene. It’s outfitted with a convenient side pocket for storing keys and cards, and is one of the few armbands on our list that’s also available for older iPhone 4 models. It’s lightweight and comfortable as well, and features reflective accents that go hand-in-hand with the vibrant choice of available colors, including neon blue, coral, lime, and hot pink.”

Phone Area Logo

Incipio NGP, feather, RIVAL in, “Best Pink iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases to Get As Gifts This Valentine’s Day”


The translucent material this case is made of resits tearing and stretching, all without adding much bulk to your iPhone. Its soft surface is easy to grip.”

Tech We Like

Incipio Octane for iPhone 6 featured in, “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”

If you don’t want to cover your iPhone but want to protect it (and add a splash of color) you or your Valentine might like the Octane Case by Incipio. It does a great job of giving you sleek protection without covering your iPhone. Finished with a frosted transparent back and contrasting colorful bumper, the Octane™ Case takes protection to the next level.”

Incipio Press Recap Phandroid

Incipio offGRID Battery Bank (8000mAh) featured in, “Best Galaxy Note 4 Accessories”

“When it comes to power on the go, we’re huge fans of Incipio’s offGRID series. These battery packs are built to last and offer up to 8000mAh of backup power with many options featuring dual charging capabilities. For even more power plus the ability to charge using only the sun’s natural energy, you might consider the 20,000mAh ZeroLemon SolarJuice.”


Incipio DualPro SHINE featured in, “Best HTC One M8 Cases”

“This dual layer offering is our pick of Incipio’s bunch. There’s a shock resistant inner core in black, which is covered by a brushed aluminum outer shell in silver or black. This case can handle bumps and knocks, and it will keep your phone pristine. The cut-outs are precise, so there’s no problem operating your HTC One M8 with the case on. The DualPro Shine strikes a good balance between protection and style, your phone won’t be embarrassed to be seen wearing this.”

The Gadget Flow

Incipio Direct Wireless Smart Lightbulb Adapter 

“Take control of every bulb in your home with the Incipio® DIRECT Wireless Smart LampAdapter. Utilizing your iPhone, you can remotely take control of your devices at home or on-the-go. Toggle specific bulbs or an entire home with integrated Siri voice commands for effortless accessibility and next-level wireless power management.”


Incipio Plexfolio for Samsung Galaxy S5 Spotlight

“If you need a folio-style case, one option we like for the S5 is Incipio’s PlexFolio case. This case has a hard shell, with a soft microsuede front cover to protect against scratches. This is a versatile case with some nice added functionality.”