Power Through Your Weekend

Happy Friday! No matter what your weekend plans are, you don’t want to be on the go and suddenly realize your device is about to run out of battery. Not to worry; our power solutions, from battery cases to portable battery packs, will keep your device charged! As always, we’re happy to answer your questions on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels.

1. offGRID Backup Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s 

Never miss a call again with the offGRID Express Backup Battery. Packed with 3000mAh of power, your iPhone 6/6s gets over 120% extra battery for when you need it the most. Double your talk, text and surf time without the bulk.

_iPhone 6s offGRID Grey

2. offGRID Ultra Thin Backup Battery 

Sleek + lightweight, the offGRID Ultra-Thin Backup Battery is easily portable, and the conveniently integrated charging connector eliminates the need for carrying an extra cable. Finished with an aluminum sheen for a polished and sophisticated look, available with a lightning or micro-USB connector.

offGRID Credit Card Bank

3. offGRID Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge 

This is more than just a battery case. Not only does the offGRID Battery Case give you over 100% extra juice, it also allows you to expand the storage of your device (up to 128GB additional storage) with the flip of a switch.


4. offGRID Portable Backup Battery

The offGRID Portable Backup Battery is a compact solution for extra power while traveling. With 4000mAh and available in 6 vibrant colors, this battery pack keeps your device going from day to night.

_Portable Backup Battery

5. Quick Charge 2.0 USB Car Charger

Going on a road trip this weekend? Enjoy more power in less the time than a traditional charger for extra juice while on the road. With up to 75% faster charging, the Quick Charge 2.0 USB Car Charger will give you the extra charge you need in no time!