Power for your Eee PC: Incipio’s Continental International AC Charger + Car Charger + Airplane Adapt

The Continental is the perfect powersolution for your Eee PC. This 3-pieceunit allows you to charge your Eee PC from almost anywhere in the world, on the plane, and also in your automobile. thinCRADLE cradle for apple iphoneThe slim power adapter offers an interchangeable prong system, allowing few limitations worldwide. Aside from thepower adapter, a multi-purpose car adapter is also included. During your worldwidetravel, an airplane adapter included in this kit – keeps your Eee PC powered-up while traveling the globe.


  • *Global Reach Warranty – Covers you anytime anywhere.*
  • *Power adapter supports 110 to 240 volts.
  • *Interchangeable prongs allows you to use your adapter globally.
  • *Slim interchangeable power adapter will not add bulk.
  • *Includes an airplane and car adapter, providing endless battery during your travels.