Our DualPro Case Comes to the Rescue

Everyday we hear from our customers about how their Incipio case saved their phone from a potential disaster. From falling off the top of the car to dropping it while on a run, our cases help protect your devices from everyday wear and tear. Every once in awhile, we hear a story that makes our jaws drop! Kirby R, a customer from Arizona, recently wrote us to tell us about how his Incipio case came to his iPhone’s rescue.

Kirby was parachuting over the Marine Arizona Airport as part of a training exercise for his job. He films each jump he takes so he can review the jumps afterwards. Upon landing his parachute, he realized his iPhone and keys were missing from his pocket and had fallen out during the jump!


Kirby’s DualPro case and iPhone 6 10,000ft up in the air!

He attempted to use the “Find my iPhone” feature but with little service where he was, he was unable to locate his phone. When he got home that night, he decided to try “Find my iPhone” again and he found a signal! He located the iPhone to an area near the jump but had minimal battery left so he rushed back to find his phone. When he arrived, he was expecting to find his phone shattered or worse but to his surprise, after a long time searching in the dark, he found her iPhone with no damage! Kirby’s phone fell from 10,000 ft and was 100% fine! His case had some scratches but his phone worked perfectly normal. If that’s not an amazing story, we don’t know what is!


Kirby’s DualPro case after the fall! 

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