Oktoberfest Begins…Beer Me!


PROST! Today is the official start of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.  Oktoberfest is one of the largest international fall festivals.  Did we mention there is an excessive amount of beer, food & carnival rides? Heaven!  Well, Incipio’s Community Manager, Nicole, was lucky enough to experience this out-of-control festival.  See what she had to say about Oktoberfest…

Q: When did you go to Oktoberfest?
A: Winter of 2008

Q: Why were you in Europe?
A: Living in Barcelona

Q: How was your overall experience?
A: AMAZING!!! Friendly people, great beer and you’re chanting, singing and swaying with a tent full of people from all around the world! One of the best weekends of my life… Not to mention, when you walk outside it’s an adult drunk Disneyland with rides and awesome German style fair food!

Q: Was it hard to mingle if everyone spoke German?
A: No way, once you get a stein or two in your system everyone is speaking German. There is not much “talking” just singing classic songs with everyone and “prosting” which means cheers… it becomes the international hello, goodbye and let’s drink!


Q: How was it different than a USA celebration?
A: Everyone is so happy, wants to party and meet new people! The rules there are also WAY more lax and beer sizes are MUCH MUCH larger.  It’s basically the world’s largest “when your parents leave you alone in high school, you throw a rowdy kegger party”. Also locals wear lederhosen and traditional Germany attire- makes the atmosphere more cultural and festive 😉

Q: What was the craziest memory?
A: Crowd surfing over hundreds of people trying to get from one side of the tent to the other.

Q: What was your favorite Beer?
A: Any beer that kept filling my stein in the Hofbräu beer tent and house


Q: What reminds you of your Oktoberfest experience? Song, Food?
A: The communal 5,000 people chanting, “We are the Champions” by Queen on the picnic style tables that filled the tent. Also, the AMAZING pretzels what were the size of your head!

Q: If someone asked you a “Must-Do” at Oktoberfest…
What would it be?

A: Wake up at the crack of dawn to get a spot at the Hofbräu beer tent, buy a pair of lederhosen, enjoy a stein (or three) and end up on the swinging chair ride that twirls you around the top of the entire festival

Q: What Incipio case would you use in honor of Oktoberfest?
A: HANDS DOWN- Bombproof. It’s going to get tossed, dropped and spilled on.. it needs the ultimate protection!