New Retractable Audio/Video Connection Cable for the Microsoft Zune

Incipio announces the new Retractable Audio/Video Connection Cable for the Microsoft Zune. One side of the cable features color-coated RCA connectors, the other features an AV connector specifically designed for the Zune. For audio use, simply attach the left and right audio to a home stereo system. This AV cable includes a mechanism that makes it expand to be 45″ in length. It may be connected to a big screen TV, projector or other video device with AV inputs. This cable makes it possible to watch photos and video on any AV ready device. The innovative retractable design cuts down on travel bulk and ensures the portability of your Zune without sacrificing functionality. No more tangled mess  of cables. It is also designed to simply retract for compact storage.  Weighing at a mere 1 oz. the Incipio Retractable AV Connection Cable is so small it fits in the bottom of your palm, in your shirt pocket, purse, workout bag, etc.

  • Watch DVD Quality Video on any TV with RCA inputs
  • Great for presentations and education
  • Can connect to virtually any overhead projector with an RCA input
  • This AV Cable provides composite video and audio output for viewing photo slideshows with music on a TV Just change the output settings on your Zune in the Display Settings Menu.