National Boss Day


Today is National Boss Day and we can’t help but brag about our boss, Andy!  This year he was notably named a semi-finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2011 Award in Orange County.  We are honored to work for him to say the least.  Not only has he created one of the most innovative brands in the tech world, but he is a passionate, hard-working kind of boss…the kind that makes sure that everyone’s birthday is recognized by a cake…the kind that is involved in all aspects of the company!  High-five to all of the bosses in the world. Incipio wants to celebrate “Andy’s Day” with a few quotes from the staff members:

“It’s a privilege to be able to work for a true visionary. Andy embodies a great heart of American entrepreneurial spirit, which is a cornerstone of economics. He dreams big and takes risks for the sake of having his company be cutting edge. His work is inspiring, creative, compelling and often out of the box. I am grateful to work in the environment Andy has created. It gets better every day!”

“Andy’s great! I admire the fact that he’s involved in every facet of his company; from the warehouse to this lowly accountant. I’ve never worked for anyone like him before and I can say I’m proud that I work at Incipio for Andy.”
– Maribel

“Andy is definitely the most charismatic boss/mentor I have ever had. His creative yet driving spirit is not only motivating but also contagious. I am grateful to work in the unique office dynamic that he has created and am looking forward to the future of our growth. Keep up the good work boss!

“Andy brings fire to the office. He has this high energy and is super efficient in knowing exactly what he wants. Our boss  is crazy, caring, loud and exerts a ton of energy in a room. Working here, you can really tell that he cares about his Incipio Family and I couldn’t be more thankful to be apart of it.”
– Deborah

“Andy has truly inspired each employee and motivates us to work to our fullest potential every day. His passion and drive is shown through his hard work and dedication to Incipio. It’s amazing to have seen the exponential growth of this company just within the last 2 years! One of the greatest things about Andy is the comradery that he brings to the workplace. We are lucky to work for a boss with an incredible work ethic that creates such a strong company dynamic! Cheers to Andy!”
-Savannah and Michelle (your two favorite employees) 🙂