LG G4 Features Smooth Performance, Sleek Design

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If you’re considering upgrading to the LG G4, there are a few features you should know about that could heavily influence your choice, depending on what you’re looking for in a mobile device.

With its customizable options and innovative selling points, the LG G4 is one of the hottest tech products on the market.

Perhaps the most important feature of any electronic device is performance. The LG G4 features a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 chipset and two Cortex-A57 cores. All of this to say it can handle web browsing and gameplay with ease. You can even run multiple browser tabs consecutively without taxing the device’s memory.

Battery Life
The LG G4 comes with a removable 3,000 mAh battery with built-in Qi wireless charging capabilities. This makes it easy to charge using a wireless charging pad rather than a cable. The LG G4 also includes Quick Charge 2.0, which charges the phone to 60 percent in only 30 minutes.


If the look and feel of your phone is a major buying factor, the LG G4 has a few unique design features you should know about. The phone has an ergonomic curve making the device sit comfortably in your hand. Another standout aesthetic feature is its 5.5” IPS Quantum display, which brings a level of contrast to the phone that hasn’t been featured in previous models.

User Interface
The LG G4 runs on the familiar Android operating system users have grown to expect from LG products. But this version brings UX 4.0, which incorporates a brighter design. Features like contact ringtone customization, Quick Memo+, and Smart Alert, which makes recommendations for activities based on the weather.

Most carriers are selling the G4 at $199 with a two-year contract, which is $50-$100 less than comparable phones from some of its main competitors. Out of contract, the phone retails for $600.

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LG’s G4 will feel familiar to LG smartphone loyalists. But with its stellar new features, it’s a worthy upgrade. Customers converting to LG from other smartphone brands will likely be wowed by its stunning camera performance and clean interface. With the convenience of the Android operating system, the LG G4 is a great option for customers interested in an improved version of their favorite devices. Protect the LG G4 in style with Incipio’s award-winning collection of protective cases.