Incipio Press Recap

The Press Recap covers the latest reviews of Incipio mobile phone accessories, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases! Read the entire coverage from top tech publications, featuring Business Insider, Macworld and more!

Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus featured in, “Gift Guide: Best Cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus” | Yahoo Tech 

“It’s all in the name. Incipio’s Stowaway and Stowaway Advanced provide not only a secure hard shell for your phone, but also a place to stash credit cards and cash inside the back of the case. The Stowaway’s door can also act as a kickstand, which would of course be especially useful for hands-free viewing of the iPhone 6 Plus’s super-large screen.”

Incipio NGP featured in, “15 Awesome Cases For Your New iPhone 6” | Business Insider

“If you’re looking for a really thin case that won’t add much extra thickness to your iPhone 6, the Incipio NGP is probably your best bet. It’s durable enough to protect your phone from minor drops and scratches, but doesn’t really make your phone feel any thicker. Wirecutter has crowned the NGP as its favorite iPhone 6 case so far. “

Incipio offGRID Battery Case (2000mAh) featured in, “Holiday Gift Guide: Gems Worth Flying For “| enRoute Air Canada 

Holiday Gift Guide: Gems Worth Flying For “There’s no time like the presents, so get the holiday season off to a flying start with gifts for your always-on-the go loved ones. Winter or summer, business or pleasure – whenever they travel, we’ve got the globetrotters on your list covered, from an après-ski appropriate flask (we fill ours with Macallan Ruby) to linen deck towels to cufflinks that merge fashion and function. This year, go the extra mile. offGRID Backup Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s in “The Business Itinerary- Moveable assets for the frequent flyer”

Incipio offGRID Backup Battery in, “Work beyond Mac: Essential Gear for working on your iPad” | Macworld

“One downside of working from an iPad: Unlike my laptop, there’s no USB port to give my iPhone a quick power boost. In order to get around this limitation, I’ve amassed quite the collection of portable batteries capable of charging both a smartphone and an iPad. Even though the iPad’s battery is more than enough to power me through a day’s worth of normal use, I’m always fearful of being caught with a low battery and a looming deadline. – I’m partial to Anker’s products, but I’ve also had success with myCharge and Incipio’s charging solutions. “

Incipio offGRID for iPhone 5/5s featured in, “9to5 Guide: The Best iPad, iPhone + Macbook Battery Cases/Packs”| 9 to 5 Mac

“For iPhone 5/5s users, our top pick is Incipio’s offGRID Pro. Ingeniously packaged with two 2000mAh batteries that can be swapped when needed. offGRID Pro gives you a nearly complete recharge with a single battery. The case feels great in the hand-slim and light-and even includes a charger that turns the two batteries into a 4000mAh universal device charger.”

Incipio NGP featured in, “iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Cases & Accessories 2014: Top 10 Smartphone Cases for Your New Apple iPhone” | Latin Post

“The pliable Flex2O polymer material provides great shock absorption without tearing, stretching or fading. Best Buy sells it for $19.99 but you’ll get a better deal on Amazon for around $13.98.”

Incipio f38 Headphones featured in, “Your Complete Holiday Tech Gift Guide” | The Daily Dot

“Best Value Headphones: On the lower end, Incipio’s f38 over-ear headphones are worth a look for great sound under $50.”


Incipio DualPro for iPhone 6 Review| GEEKANOIDS 


Incipio f88 earbuds featured in, “Perfect Travel Gifts for Women” | 52 Perfect Days 

“Those who want to listen to their smartphone while jogging or running errands while carrying minimal gear will benefit from Incipio’s F88 Hi-fi stereo earbuds. The liquid silicone fit affords superior comfort while an inline microphone allows one to take calls.”