Incipio’s iPhone 6 Battery Case, Reviewed

Incipio offGRID Express iPhone 6 Battery Case

Having been award the “Highly Recommended” grade from, it’s no surprise the offGRID Express iPhone 6 Battery Case continues to impress editors with its powerful battery capacity in a slim, everyday frame. This week’s reviews include coverage from Supercompressor and Mac Sources as well as case collections for the latest smartphones, HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6.


Incipio offGRID Express iPhone 6 Battery Case featured in, “9 Battery Charging iPhone Cases to Keep You In the Green” | Supercompressor

The Incipio comes at a middle-of-the-road price point and packs a whopping 3000mAh of power that’ll give you 17 extra hours of talk time. Its snap-on bumper makes it one of the more streamlined and attractive of the bunch.”

Digital Trends

Incipio Corbin Wallet Folio HTC One M9 Case featured in, “Save your supermodel smartphone with one of these HTC One M9 cases” | Digital Trends

“You could ditch the wallet or purse and travel light with the Corbin case for the HTC One M9. It offers all-round protection with a shell that holds the phone in place, and a wrap-around synthetic leather cover with a magnetic closure. You’ll find generous openings in the case for access to controls and ports. There’s also a large cut-out on the back for the camera and flash. Inside there are two slots for ID or credit cards. You can also use the case to prop your phone up when you’re watching a movie. Color choices are black, gray, pink, and purple. If you want something more traditional, check out the rest of Incipio’s One M9 case range.”


Incipio offGRID Express iPhone 6 Battery Case featured in, “Incipio’s offGRID Express for iPhone 6 is a great battery case for any lifestyle” | Mac Sources

” I did drop my phone once and the case did it’s first job like a champion as it protected my phone and did not come unsnapped. I was also pleased to see that the case itself did not show any scratches or dents.”

“Turning the power on and off is easy with the button on the lower right-hand side. One nice feature of this case verses my old Mophie is that the power button resets to its neutral position after each press rather than being physically on or off. “

“This unit performed great taking less than 3 hours to completely recharge my iPhone 6. I was texting moderately and placed several short phone calls during this time so it possibly could have had some charge to spare had the phone been idle. All in all, the battery performed as advertised and then some.”

“I found myself trying hard to find something I hated about this case, but honestly the only negative is the overall size which is not Incipio’s fault as I am convinced there is no way they could have made it smaller and the slightly splashy feel of the case snap on the upper right side, but again I think a lot of that perception is me being overly paranoid because of my clumsiness and rural lifestyle.”

“I would definitely recommend this case to both city dwellers and people with outdoor lifestyles as it is a great case that offers more than acceptable protection for general activities and an excellent and low profile source to double your battery life.”


Incipio Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases and Galaxy S6 Edge Cases featured in, “Samsung starts showing off their accessory range – cases, headphones, chargers and partners” | Austroid Net