25% Off WHITE Cases in honor of the 30th Anniversary of International Peace Day


It’s the 30th Anniversary of International Peace Day!  Anyone around the world can endorse Peace Day in a variety of ways.  Families, nations, companies or individuals come together to recognize and enhance the power of peace on an international level.   See how Incipio is commemorating Peace Day and what other countries are doing…


Millions of people in all regions of the world unite for one day of PEACE. You can celebrate peace in many unique, engaging ways.  Light candles, peace walks or concerts to name a few.  Check out what is going on around the world today:

The Interreligious Peace Council of Thailand have their first meeting of the year.

The DC office is organizing a UN International Day of Peace program under the theme, “Make Your Voice Heard.”

Argentina will celebrate with an artistic, cultural and interreligious program.

Not gonna’ lie, Argentina sounds like a blast…if only we could jet-set over there! However, at Incipio our light-bulb went on and we wanted to support Peace Day by offering “25% Off White Cases!” In honor of International Peace Day we will run this promotion all day to commemorate.  Don’t stress out, there are plenty of white cases in our shop to choose from!

See what other countries are doing to promote Peace Day