Incipio Employee Profile: Ted


This childhood lover of Jurassic Park is an outdoorsmen through and through. From camping in the driveway, to his ultra-rugged case of choice, learn more about Incipio’s Licensing Manager Ted.

Q: What do you like best about your job?

Getting to work with every department in the company. It’s really exciting to be involved in a project where you see an idea go from conception to final product, and getting to work with all of the people who put the pieces together is an invaluable experience!

Q: Where did you grow up & what reminds you of your childhood?

I grew up in Laguna Niguel and pop-up campers remind me of my childhood. We had one in my family when I was young and it was a lot of fun. We used it all of the time at the beach, the park, and even in our driveway!

Q: Top 3 favorite restaurants, Go!

Chipotle, Veggie Grill, and Del Taco.

Q: What Incipio case are you rockin’ today? Why?

 I’m rockin’ the ATLAS. I dropped my very first iPhone and shattered the screen two days after getting it, so ever since then, I’ve only wanted cases that provide the most protection.

Q: If you could be on any reality show, which one would it be?

Cash Cab. That would rule!

Q:  What is the best concert/festival you’ve been to?  Tell us about it…

A Dethklok concert. First off, this band came from a cartoon. Second, the main creator of the show also writes all of the music – and the level of musical talent is mind-blowing! However, even if you don’t like heavy metal, you can still appreciate the comedy of the show, which they play clips from throughout the entire concert.

Q: Besides being an amazing employee at Incipio, what did you want to be growing up?

After seeing Jurassic Park, I wanted to be a Paleontologist.