Incipio Employee Profile: Jaclyn


Meet Incipio’s receptionist, Jaclyn!  See what this spunky gal has on her bucket list and which Caribbean-inspired concert she looks forward to every year…

Q: What do you like best about your job?

A. I am the newbie at Incipio as the receptionist/DJ. I love being the DJ because putting on good tunes can change your entire mood. I try to mix it up and incorporate all kinds of music for everyone. I also love that Incipio is a tight knit group of creative, young individuals who work hard, but also have fun doing it. Work hard, play hard is my motto!

Q: Currently, what is your favorite hilarious YouTube video?

My all time favorite Youtube video has to be the dreaming dog. It gets me every time I show someone who hasn’t seen it. I always die laughing!

Q: You’re stranded on an Island; what 5 items can you NOT live without?

5.A good book

A. A bikini is essential for me anywhere there is sun, water, and a chance to get a good tan. Sunscreen, so I can avoid the wrinkles and not fry like a lobster. Music and chocolate just makes everything better. And a good book is key for my alone time.

Q: What Incipio case are you rockin’ today? Why?


A. iPhone 4 4S Mix And Mingle Collection Canvas feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case. I love this case because it’s different than what everyone else has because of the canvas casing and cool colors. It also fits my style perfectly because I love stripes, funky prints and colors mixed together. They don’t call me Funke for nothin!

Q: Tell us one thing that is on your “bucket list” and why.

A. It’s so hard to say one thing because there are so many things on my bucket list! Probably one of the top things would be to travel somewhere new by myself for an indefinite amount of time.  Kind of like the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love. I’ve always wanted to experience something like that by myself where I can meet new people, immerge myself in a new culture, and experience something life changing. I just recently traveled to Thailand, which was an awesome experience and I think should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Q: What is the all-time best concert you’ve been to? Details!

A. The all-time best concert I’ve ever been to would have to be the most fun concert I’ve been to, and that would definitely be Jimmy Buffet.  I love how everyone goes all out and gets dressed up in their Hawaiian T-shirts and parrot head costumes. My parents would always tell me crazy stories about their Jimmy Buffet days, so I had to see for myself, and now it is one of my most anticipated events all year!

Q: Besides being an amazing employee at Incipio, what did you want to be growing up?

A. I’ve always loved watching crime shows on TV and so I wanted to be a criminal profiler like on the show Criminal Minds for a long time.  But then I realized that I was too much of a girl to really get down and dirty with crazy serial killers. But, I still think that would be one of the coolest, most exciting jobs ever!