Incipio CES 2016 Press Coverage

Incipio made headlines at CES 2016 with our new Esquire Series, Qi Charging solutions, USB Type-C accessories, Apple Watch Dock, backlit ClamCase Keyboards and more. See below for all the press coverage so far from CES 2016.


Best New iPhone Cases of CES 2016 | CNET

Incipio Esquire Case for iPhone 6:6s

“Incipio’s new Esquire Series has that sophisticated, wool blazer look that sets it apart from its plastic brethren. It ships soon for $40 (about AU $60 or £25).”

“Incipio recently started shipping its Highwire Case. It’s a slim case that has a nice, no slip, soft-to-touch finish. Available in 6 color options.”


The Most Stylish Phone Cases at CES 2016 | PC Mag


Here are our choices for the Five Best Smartphone Cases at CES 2016 | Digital Trends

digital trends press CES

“Cases in Incipio’s new Performance Series range come with five different levels of protection, allowing you to pick which one best suits your lifestyle. Rarely leave the office or house without your phone safely in a bag or pocket? The basic Level 1 or Level 2 case will probably suffice. Want a complete, all-encompassing tough case to protect against almost anything? The Level 5 case is the one to choose.”

“Each Performance Series case shares a similar design, but as you move up the series, they are inceasingly built to withstand greater drops. The Level 1 will survive a 3-foot drop, Level 2 a 6-foot drop, and Level 3 – which also comes in a cool folio design – can handle a 9-foot fall. Levels 4 and 5 take on 14-foot and 16-foot drops, respectively, with ease. Available in a range of colors for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Incipio’s Performance Series cases cost between $25 and $50, and can be ordered now.”



Incipio announces new wireless charging, power solutions at CES 2016 | Android Community

“Companies like Incipio will be in business, providing power solutions for gadgets that we constantly use and constantly drain. At this year’s CES, they announced a whole slew of products that will cater to those whose devices are already wireless charging compatible and those who are always on the go and always using their mobile devices.”

“For the offGRID™ Power Products, the offGRID™ Backup Battery 2000mAh brings you the captive lightning connector so there’s no need to bring more messy cables when you’re on the go.”


Hands On: Incipio’s USB Type-C Accessories | Android Headlines

“Incipio who makes plenty of great accessories for smartphones and tablets, showed up at CES with all sorts of new USB Type-C accessories. Which is not a huge surprise, considering USB Type-C is truly the future. We saw plenty of laptops from Dell, HP and others with USB Type-C ports at the show, and there are plenty more smartphones coming with them in 2016. One of the accessories that Incipio announced this week was a hub which includes an ethernet port, HDMI port and a standard USB port.”

Incipio Unveils New Qi Wireless Chargers at Ces 2016 | Android Headlines

Qi Wireless Charging

“Some really great products here from Incipio, and targeting different markets. With the GHOST wireless chargers targeting those that love their wireless charging, and the USB Type-C battery pack for those that are currently using a Nexus 5x, Nexus 6P, OnePlus Two, or a Google Chromebook Pixel (2nd Generation).”


offGRID 200mAh Battery Banks | iLounge

offGRID Backup Battery 2000mAH Bundle

“Incipio has already introduced the new offGRID Backup Battery 2000 mAh Bundle with dock ($70). The bundle includes two 2000 mAh pocket-sized batteries with built-in Lightning cables. Both batteries can be charged simultaneously with the included dock.”


Incipio unveils range of new USB Type-C accessories and offGRID Battery Packs for iPhone | iMORE

“Incipio, a name well known in the mobile accessories market, has debuted a slew of new USB Type-C accessories for the Macbook, along with some new offGRID battery accessories for iPhone.”


9 New, Cool USB-C Devices shown at CES | The Mac Observer

“Incipio says the Type-C Dock “provides new 12-inch Macbook additional ports to connect legacy peripherals includes USB-A port to connect a flash drive or input device supports USB PowerDelivery (PD) for simultaneous use and charging HDMI port to support video and audio output retractable cable for easy storage.”


Incipio USB-C Accessories Bring Expansion to New Macbook | Gotta Be Mobile


“USB-C is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the implementation in the new 12-inch Macbook. However, Incipio is looking to fix the problem that most people have, which is the one USB port on the Macbook.”

“The company has announced a handful of new USB-C accessories that you can use with the 12-inch Macbook or any other USB-C equipped device.”


Six Solutions to Avoid Running of out Battery in the Afternoon | Univision

{Rough Translation} “The latest models of the Californian brand Incipio offer, an average, 120% of the battery of a smartphone. Mobile lasts no more than twice the sheath. Now we distribute an app that helps manage the battery, says Sara Strasbaugh.”

smart watches

USB Type-C at CES 2016: hubs, displays, adapters & more for the 12-inch Macbook | Smart Watches World

igm logo

Wireless Charging Solutions and USB-C | Instantly Great Mac

“Incipio announces USB-C docks, hubs, chargers.”

“This week Incipio rolled out some new USB-C devices that are compatible with the latest Macbook, although will likely expand to other Macs. All products are expected second quarter of 2016.”


Incipio Unveils new USB Type-C Chargers, Hubs, and Docks | NJ Tech Reviews

“Incipio is going all hands on deck for the 2016 Consumer Eletronics Show, and they have just unveiled new USB Type-C chargers, hubs and docks. Essentially they are doing a big expansion to their line of USB Type-C products. They are certainly showing some love to the owners of the Macbook as it only has a USB Type-C port. As Incipio put it, they expect to see more USB Type-C devices in 2016 and they are happy to get their products out there first and for the early adopters.”


USB-C Line up | MacNN

“Incipio has also brought out a few USB-C products, such as two retractable adapters: one of which coverts the USB-C port on the Retina Macbook or other USB-C device into two USB-A ports ($25), while other offers a total of four ports ($80) — including a USB-A port, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, and a passthrough USB-C port for charging. The company will also offer a USB-C car charger for smartphone and tablets only ($35), as well as a wall charger that can also handle laptops ($35).”


Apple Watch Dock featured | iLounge

Incipio Apple Watch Bands Dock


“Incipio also launched a new collection of Apple Watch accessories, including six new Apple Watch bands and a new dock. Apple Watch Dock ($30) is crafted from premium aluminum, and designed for optimal Apple Watch charging in watchOS 2’s Nightstand mode, with a non-visible cable rooting channel for easy cord-management and a non-slip rubber base to keep the stand in place. It will come in silver or black and is expected to be available in the coming weeks.”


Incipio Apple Watch Docks Boasts Minimal Design and Aluminum Frame | Gadget Sin

“This is a simple and portable charging dock that works with both 38mm 42mm Apple Watch models. The Apple Watch stand measures 2.65″ length by 1.65″ wide by 2.62″ depth. As shown in the images, the dock boasts a handsome, minimalistic design expressed by its v shaped profile and it’s built with premium aluminum in order to deliver a durable construction and add more modern aesthetics to the stand.”


iphone life mag

Best of CES 2016 – ClamCase+ for iPad Pro | iPhone Life Magazine

“Incipio came out with a ton of great new products this year, but we finally determined that the ClamCase+ was our top pick. It pairs perfectly with Apple’s new iPad Pro, transforming the tablet into a Macbook-style device. And the case, which sports ClamCase’s signature design and a 360-degree hinge, features a full-sized backlit keyboard, sleep/awake functionality, and a built-in slot designed to hold your Apple Pencil”.



Incipio Debuts ClamCase Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro, mini4 + Air 2, adds power, notifications | 9to5 MAC

“Having acquired Bluetooth keyboard maker ClamCase last year, Incipio today announced five new high-end iPad keyboards under the ClamCase name, including one for the iPad Pro, three for the iPad Air 2, and one for the iPad mini 4. Some of the keyboards feature premium features such as the integrated screen for notifications, a built-in battery pack, and keyboard backlighting.”


ClamCase + for iPad Pro | 9to5 MAC

“Incipio’s ClamCase division unveiled ClamCase+ for iPad Pro ($170), promising a multi-brightness level backlit, fully QWERTY keyboard inside a gray, silver, or gold housing. It uses Incipio’s 360-degree hinge to attach to the iPad Pro, and notably includes an Apple Pencil storage slot. ClamCase+ is expected in the second quarter of this year.”


Incipio’s ClamCase keyboard transforms your iPad into a Macbook | Yahoo! Tech

“Following its acquisition of ClamCase last summer, Incipio has just unveiled a new range of keyboard cases designed especially for iPad at CES in Vegas (Syndicated from Digital Trends).”


ClamCase for iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 | Mac Rumors

“Incipio today announced several new ClamCase keyboard cases designed for the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 4. All of the cases use ClamCase’s signature clamshell design paired with a 360-degree hinge, turning an iPad into a Macbook-style device.”

ipad guide logo

ClamCase announces new backlit keyboards for iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 | The iPad Guide

“Amongst a flurry of announcements at CES 2016, Incipio today announced five new iPad keyboards from their ClamCase label. The new lineup of ClamCase keyboards include the ClamCase+ for the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2, ClamCase Prompt for iPad Air 2, ClamCase+ Power for iPad Air 2 and ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 4.”


Incipio Expands ClamCase’s iPad Case Lineup | iLounge

“Incipio has announced a collection of new ClamCase iPad keyboard cases for the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 4. The new cases incorporate the signature, patented 360-degree hinge design from the previous models, while adding more productivity-enhancing features such as backlit keyboards and backup battery power.”


Incipio ClamCase Comes to the iPad Pro | Gotta Be Mobile

“Incipio’s line of ClamCase keyboard cases has expanded today with the announcement of seven new models, including one of the new iPad Pro.”

silicon angle logo

Apple Accessories and Homekit Compatible Devices at CES 2016 | Silicon Angle

“Incipio Technologies, Inc. announced five new iPad keyboards in its ClamCase line. The features of the new ClamCases depend on which model it fits. The ClamCase+ for iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 feature a backlit full QWERTY keyboard, a slot for the Apple Pencil and a 360 degree hinge. It’s priced at $170 and $150, respectively.”

“The ClamCase Prompt for iPad Air 2 has a built-in rear OLED screen for notifications or reminders and costs $200. The other two cases are the ClamCase+ Power for iPad Air 2, which costs $200, and ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 4 that costs $130.”


Incipio’s ClamCase Keyboard Cases Transform Your iPad into a Macbook | Digital Trends

“Following its acquisition of ClamCase last summer, Incipio has just unveiled a new range of keyboard cases designed especially for iPads at CES in Vegas..”


New ClamCase Range | MacNN

“New ClamCase owner Incipio has announced the first new iPad Bluetooth keyboard cases made since the company took over its rival last year, including three models for the iPad Air 2 and a new model for the iPad Pro, along with one for the iPad mini 4. Most models include keyboard backlighting, with one model featuring a rear OLED screen for notifications while the case is closed, and the one for the iPad Pro including a storage slot for the optional Apple Pencil drawing stylus.”