Incipio® Announces Planned Support for the HomeKit Platform with Development of Power and Lighting Based Solutions

 Incipio® HomeKit Platform Solutions Will Be First to Market in the Third Quarter of 2014

IRVINE, CA – June 02, 2014  – Incipio®, the leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning mobile device accessories and technology, based in Southern California, today announces the planned support of the HomeKit platform with HomeKit platform compatible solutions available in the third quarter of 2014.

Incipio® has begun development of HomeKit platform products including an initial product offering of power and lighting solutions. These solutions will be first to market with products available in the third quarter of this year. Incipio’s initial product offering for the HomeKit platform will be available at competitive prices and will offer more integration and compatibility than current home automation devices on the market.

Incipio’s HomeKit platform products demonstrate Incipio’s ability to develop cutting-edge technology solutions as well as the ability to lead the market with our continued commitment to iOS and products specific to the HomeKit platform.

“We are thrilled that our HomeKit platform products will be the first to market and we look forward to launching these solutions to consumers later this year,” said Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive, Incipio.

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Incipio® is the leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning mobile device accessories and technology based in Southern California. Established in 1999, Incipio® is widely recognized for consistently creating state of the art protective solutions for the mobile world. Through an untiring commitment to innovative and original designs, Incipio® is globally recognized for the functional and premium accessories the brand produces. Incipio’s products are sold worldwide in leading consumer and electronics retailers, mobile retailers and through


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