How to Survive a Music Festival Weekend

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Imagine this: You’re finally at that music festival you’ve been excited about since they announced the lineup. Your favorite band takes the stage, so you reach for your phone to Instagram the moment, but your phone is dead. Mood killer, right? Don’t worry; we put together some tips to help get you through the weekend without any tech disasters.


You’re going to be taking photos and videos all weekend long, so a screen protector is a no-brainer. Once you order yours (at 25% off!), take mental notes of the below.

  1. Use the Gridlines Feature on Your Phone

By turning on your camera’s grid, you can use the horizontal and vertical lines to align your subject (applying the “rule of thirds”), which will better balance out your photo.

  1. Take Candid Shots

Posed photos can seem too…posed. Capture the weekend more authentically with candids. The key is to not let your friends know you’re taking the photo—then, snap one of them fully enjoying the moment they’re in.

  1. Record Videos in Landscape

Videos were meant to be watched horizontally (think about your computer and TV screens), so it always looks better that way. It may be easier to record a video with one hand in portrait mode, but, trust us: Don’t do it.

  1. Use Burst Mode

Nailing the perfect photo on the first go is practically impossible. Use your phone’s continuous shooting/burst mode to quickly take lots of back-to-back photos of the same subject, then scroll through them to choose the best one.


From texting your friends with location updates to recording your favorite song being played live on stage, you’ll be draining your battery faster than you want to. Make sure to add a portable battery pack to your day-pack and try these power-saving hacks.

  1. Give Your Apps a Rest

Your apps running in the background while you’re not actively using them can suck the life right out of your battery. Turn off background refresh for your apps, and close any apps when you’re not using them.

  1. Not Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? Turn Them Off!

We’d all rather not resort to cellular data, but when you’re outside all day, the chances of you finding a Wi-Fi signal or needing Bluetooth (both battery killers when on but not in use) are slim, so just turn them off when you’re not using them.

  1. Adjust Your Screen’s Brightness

Having your phone auto-adjust its brightness level to better suit your viewing environment is a cool feature, but it’s harsh on your battery. Turn off the auto feature, then lower the brightness to a level you’re OK with; the lower the better.

  1. Disable as Many Push Notifications as Possible

It’s totally understandable to want to stay up to date on everything going on, but give your battery (and mind) a break by turning off your push notifications; you can just actively seek out the updates you absolutely need throughout the weekend.


With a durable case, you know your phone is safe from bumps and drops, but what about you and the rest of your stuff?

  1. Share Locations With Your Friends

With so much going on in one weekend, it can be hard to keep track of everyone. This won’t be a problem when you can just tap on your phone to find any friend you’re looking for.

  1. Store Your Valuables Up Front

Always keep your valuables in a front pocket or in a purse slung in front of you—never behind you where you can’t see a pickpocket trying to ruin your fun.

  1. Rent a Locker for the Weekend

Sometimes it’s best to enjoy the whole experience without worrying about everything you’re carrying. By renting a locker for the weekend, you can store what you’re not using now, then pick it up later when you actually need it.

  1. Hide Your Cash Stash

Having an emergency stash of cash is good. Getting it stolen is not. By keeping your secret bills in a zip pocket or in the Stowaway wallet case, you can make sure your money stays safely with you.