How to Achieve Podcast Nirvana for Your Morning Commute

Sick of listening to the radio on your daily commute to and from the office? There aren’t many alternatives, especially since downloading audio books takes up precious storage space on your devices. Enter Radiotopia: a streaming service that aims to spice up your morning commute with free podcasts.

Radiotopia Podcast Network

Radiotopia was launched in February of last year by the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) to showcase emerging artists on a podcast network. Backed by the Knight Foundation, the podcast network currently hosts nine radio shows.

“PRX is responding to a demand for flexibility from listeners who are increasingly turning away from traditional news sources and platforms,” said Michael Maness, Knight Foundation VP/Journalism and Media Innovation. “With this as a basis, the network will create a model to reach and inform wide public audiences using digital platforms as a gateway to mainstream success.”

PRX is home to many public radio shows you’re most likely familiar with, such as All Things Considered, Market Place and This American Life, with a collection of the best story-driven shows that are emerging from the Public Radio Exchange.

With the help of PRX and The Knight Foundation, you’re able to enjoy quality programming and free podcasts curated from the best radio storytellers of our time.

Radiotopia Podcast Network Logo

Radiotopia’s inaugural roster is:

99% Invisible – With over 1 million downloads per month, 99% Invisible is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. The program explores design, architecture and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world. The show is the brainchild of award-winning producer Roman Mars, who has been dubbed “the Ira Glass of design” by architecture and design columnist Allsion Arieff of The New York Times. Ira Glass, host and producer of This American Life, calls 99% Invisible “completely wonderful…entertaining, and beautifully produced.”

Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything – Combining drama, essay and interview, the show creates a new kind of audio experience. Recent stories have ranged from “work at home art” to a story about a former prisoner from Guantanamo Bay, and a meditation on ephemeral images in the digital age.

Radio Diaries – With extraordinary stories from ordinary life, Radio Diaries offers first person diaries, sound portraits and historical documentaries from award-winning producer Joe Richman and team.

Fugitive Waves – From powerhouse producers, The Kitchen Sisters (Lost & Found Sound, Hidden Kitchens, The Hidden World of Girls), this new show mines the Sisters’ deep archive of stories, lost recordings and shards of sound, along with new tales from remarkable people around the world. They are stories from the flip side of history.

Love + Radio – Like nothing you’ve ever heard before, Love + Radio offers in depth, otherworldly produced conversations exploring all of life’s gray areas on an eclectic range of subjects, from the seedy to the sublime. The show gets inside the mind of a rogue taxidermist, a Mafia associate turned investigative journalist, a woman who gives away her life savings every night, and countless other inimitable and fascinating characters.

Strangers – The brainchild of Lea Thau, who earned a Peabody Award for her work with The Moth, Strangers features true stories about the people we meet, the connections we make, the heartbreaks we suffer, the kindnesses we encounter, and those frightful moments when we discover that we aren’t even who we thought we were.

The Truth – The Truth brings a modern radio storytelling sensibility to traditional radio drama, resulting in rich, evocative pieces that could be described as short films without pictures. Produced by Peabody Award winner Jonathan Mitchell, the show combines excellent writing with authentic, often improvised performances and rich sound design.



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