What You Should Know About iOS 9

iOS9 has arrived and we’re here to break down all the features of Apple’s most recent software update.


Image: CNET

There are so many available news apps in the App Store, it’s difficult to check updates from them all. Thanks to iOS 9, you don’t have to. Apple has unveiled “News”, which pulls articles from a variety of sources, based on your selected interests, and allows you to check all articles in one convenient location. From fashion outlets such as Vanity Fair, to sports giant ESPN and the renown Wall Street Journal, the publications are seemingly limitless.

Apple News_CNET

Image: CNET

Perhaps you’re an iOS user who’s always used a third party app for note-taking. If you’re hesitant about Apple’s original version, consider the iOS 9 version of Notes App, which received a serious facelift. Notes now enables checklists, hand written entries, inserted photos and videos.

Speaking of dramatic updates, city travel also just got a whole lot easier. With the addition of “Transit” and “Nearby” in the Maps App, users can easily see public transportation routes and directions. Transit, available for select cities who have large public transportation systems like New York City or Toronto, will make it easy for locals and tourists to find the quickest available routes. Another new feature, Nearby, available across the United States, will help users see restaurants, shops, museums and other points of interest that are nearest them.

Apple Maps_CNET

Image: CNET

iPad functionality has also been enhanced thanks to iOS 9. “Slide Over” allows a second app to be opened without leaving your current app. Additionally, “Split View” enables users to have two apps open and in use simultaneously. Apple’s latest update also makes keyboard shortcuts infinitely more usable. Simply hold down the command key to reveal each shortcut and its action.  And if you’re looking to upgrade your iPad Mini or iPad Air experience with a wireless keyboard, Clam Case Bluetooth Keyboards offer a variety of wireless keyboards that will revolutionize the way you use your iPad.

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Image: CNET

If all of the new changes are a bit too much, just ask Siri for help. Responses now range from date-based photo searches, to location-based reminders and even information within an app. Additional updates include an extended battery life, improved security via a six digit pass-code and enhanced security Apple Pay, now available in over 50 stores including Sephora and Whole Foods.

To learn more about iOS 9 and how to upgrade today, visit Apple.