Don’t Be That Guy: Top 10 Things Guys Should Avoid on V-Day

Top 10 Things Guys Should Avoid on Valentines Day

‘Oops’ is the last thing you should be thinking come early evening on February 14. Guys, your mission provided you accept it (you better) is to avoid these top 10 Valentine’s Day blunders.


Don’t do the down-and-dirty last minute dance. I know it’s hard to think past what’s on TV tonight but dig deep. Burn this next sentence into your brain: FEBRUARY 14 IS COMING.


We know you love cars, like the Gumball Rally, but resist anything car-related. Sure jumper cables always come in handy once every few years but most women could care less. Beware of also going goofy in the kitchen. Women want you to invest effort picking out her gift rather than hoping she’ll fall head-over-heels in love with a new waffle iron or crock pot.


Card call-ins. If you think tender love and romance means whipping out $3.95 for a Hallmark “I love you” card will do the trick, think again. Be smart. Go back and re-read #10.


Giving any gift related to weight, fitness or self-improvement. Look mister, you’re probably not in military-grade shape yourself. Don’t be a dork and go getting your girl a gym membership. Face it, (okay, even if you need to pretend) Valentine’s Day is about showing your love and appreciation for your sweetheart by making an effort to prove it.


Ignore the temptation to send her a fluffy cute teddy bear in a basket. She’s not ten years old anymore. Be macho brave by also staying clear of balloons, pharmacy check out counter trinkets and ‘be mine’ sweet tarts.

Love Bot
Sorry. Love bots don’t count either.


Think less about bling unless you’re ready to doll out real cash. Yes, jewelry works well but not if you’re looking for a quickie swing by the mall gift. Do your homework and ask her friends, mom or siblings for ideas.


IOUs. Dude, if you’re flat broke the last thing your sweetheart wants is a lame statement like “baby, I’ll get ya back next year.” Make a homemade coupon for a massage or a special favor like helping her around the house. These might not be the most romantic, but it’s the little things that matter the most.


Staying in can be romantic and sweet, but a nice dinner out is a great way to shake things up. Don’t book the same ol’ restaurant you’ve been to a million times before, take her to the new place she’s been wanting to try. Do your research in advance. Valentine’s Day always goes a long way in the love department when you plan a romantic dinner out (reservations are a must).


Chocolates, coffee and cheesecake are yummy. Just not on Valentines Day. For all you rocket scientists who’ve made it this far, you’re nearly ready to be a big boy and focus on gift ideas that don’t get slid into plastic shopping bags at the checkout counter. Boxed gifts always work well and offer plenty of wow-factor.


The worst thing you can do on V-Day is nothing. Gotta work late, poker night with the guys or pulling the old, “Oops I totally forgot,” antics will profoundly lower your romantic stature in her eyes earning you a one way trip to single-ville. Don’t be that guy. Seriously. Don’t.

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