CES Recap: Incipio Trestle™ Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Incipio made headlines at CES 2015 with the Trestle Case for iPhone 6 Plus. See what critics are saying about our “defend against the bend” iPhone 6 Plus case.


Incipio Trestle™ for iPhone 6 Plus featured in, “Best New iPhone 6 cases and accessories I saw at CES 2015” | C net 

“Most rigid cases should keep your iPhone 6 Plus from bending, Incipio’s new Trestle™ case, reinforced with two metal rods, takes the anti-bending design to a new level. Cost: $40.”


Incipio Trestle™ for iPhone 6 Plus featured in, “The best iPad, iPhone + Mac accessories at the 2015 CES” | 9 to 5 Mac

“Peace of mind has value, and the biggest concerns for iPhone 6 Plus users are accidental bending and glass shattering. Armed with steel bars that reinforce the iPhone’s back and subtly aid in grip, Incipio’s “defend against the bend” case Trestle™ ($40) instantly eliminates bend and shatter concerns in a design that is also really neutral visually. Three colors are available, and we’ve been loving the one we started using at the beginning of CES.”

Incipio Trestle™ for iPhone 6 Plus featured in, Incipio announces Trestle iPhone 6 Plus case to ‘Defend against the bend’ | 9 to 5 Mac

“Incipio is showing off its latest at CES this week and one new product that we just got a first look at is its new Trestle case for iPhone 6 Plus. The company is taking full advantage of the controversy over rare instances of the iPhone 6 Plus bending under pressure and incorporating the “Defend against the bend” slogan into the product’s marketing.”


Incipio Trestle™ for iPhone 6 Plus featured in, “Show Report” | iLounge

“Capitalizing on the iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” “controversy,” Incipio has introduced Trestle ($40), an iPhone 6 Plus case with two built-in steel rods. The case claims to “defend against the bend.”

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Incipio Trestle™ for iPhone 6 Plus featured in, “Incipio Introduces ‘Trestle™ Case’ to Protect Against Bending of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus” | ModMyi

Those who are still worried about their iPhone 6 Plus devices getting bent should be happy to learn about Incipio’s new Trestle case. At CES this week, Incipio introduced their new case that has the slogan “Defend against the bend” and marketed it the same way as well. For those that are late to the game, when the iPhone 6 Plus was first released, many consumers complained about the device bending in their pockets. “


Incipio Trestle™ for iPhone 6 Plus featured in, “Upcoming iPhone 6/6 Plus Cases from iBatzz, Incipio and Lifeproof [CES 2015] | iGeeks Blog

“The iPhone 6 Plus bendgate issue jolted the entire Apple universe. As soon as the news of the iPhone getting easily bent under pressure came out in the media, users got worried about the safety of their ultra-slim phone.”

If you are concerned about the complete protection of your expensive iPhone from being bent or damaged, Incipio Trestle will resolve your worry handsomely. With a robust shell lined with steel braces, the Trestle will prevent your device from breaking.”