CES Recap: offGRID Backup Battery Lineup

Incipio made headlines at CES 2015 with a large assortment of offGRID Backup Battery solutions for iPhone 6. Incipio iPhone 6 Battery Case ReviewsNow available online, the offGRID Express Battery Case for iPhone 6 provides 3000mAh of battery to the device, more than doubling battery life. With additional form factors available in the coming weeks, check out all the praise from top technology publications.


Incipio offGRID Express Battery Case for iPhone 6 featured in, “Review: Incipio’s offGRID Express is the most affordable Apple-authorized iPhone 6 battery case” | 9 to 5 Mac

“Incipio’s offGRID Express is the most affordable Apple-authorized iPhone 6 Battery Case”

“If I had to choose one word to describe how Incipio’s past iPhone offGRID battery cases felt, it would probably be “svelte,” as they were all impressively thin and gently curved. Starting today, Incipio is shipping its first offGRID case for the iPhone 6, and it notably trades “svelte” for “edgy” design.”

“Although it’s not the highest-capacity battery case Incipio has ever offered — there were dual-battery kits with 4000mAh of power for $100 — the 3000mAh offGRID Express has the largest single battery of any offGRID I’ve tested. It promises to deliver exactly one full extra recharge for the iPhone 6, but outperformed that claim, enabling our test iPhone 6 to go from dead to 100% in two hours, then after a partial discharge, up an additional 21% in a quick 20 minutes. That’s 1% higher overall than Tylt’s Energi, which would be a meaningless difference except that offGRID Express has a $20 lower MSRP. That said, offGRID Express takes its time recharging using a micro-USB cable, though notably staying cool to the touch throughout.”

“I’ve genuinely loved using Incipio’s past offGRID battery cases, particularly the offGRID Pro models, which for $100 have historically included dual batteries that together delivered far more than a single recharge for past iPhones. The $80 offGRID Express doesn’t offer that sort of power, and it’s not as slender as competing lower-capacity iPhone 6 batteries will likely be, but it narrowly beats Tylt’s Energi in performance at a markedly lower price. There will be a lot of new iPhone 6 battery case announcements in the near future, so it’s worth considering all of your options, but I’ve had great experiences with almost every offGRID I’ve tested for prior iPhones. Given its 121% recharging abilities, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one.”

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Incipio offGRID Express Battery Case for iPhone 6 featured in, “Incipio offGRID Express is a Battery Case for iPhone 6 That Doesn’t Suck” | Chip Chick

“At CES, Incipio is giving us something sorely needed—a robust backup battery case for the all-too short-lived iPhone 6. The offGRID Express Backup Battery Case is one of the latest from Incipio’s excellent offGRID line, and it looks like it’ll get the job done.”

“The sleek black snap-on hard case features a 3,000 mAh battery. Considering that the iPhone 6 has just an 1,810 mAh battery, that’s quite a bit of extra power—enough to definitely get you through the day, which is the important thing. It’ll also protect the iPhone 6 from physical damage, another thing sorely needed given how thin and frail-seeming that thing is.”

“Best news of all is that you don’t have to wait. The Incipio offGRID Express Backup Battery Case is available as of now from incipio.com for $80.” 

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Incipio offGRID Express Battery Case for iPhone 6 featured in, “Incipio OffGRID Express iPhone 6 Battery Case Announced” | Gotta Be Mobile

“With what’s perhaps the largest-capacity iPhone battery case we’ve seen yet, Incipio has unveiled the OffGRID Express iPhone 6 battery case at CES, offering 3,000mAh of extra battery juice.”


Incipio offGRID Express Battery Case for iPhone 6 featured in, “Show Report: Incipio/Braven”

“Incipio is launching a whole series of OffGrid battery cases for iPhone 6. OffGrid ($90), OffGrid Shine ($100), and OffGrid Exo ($110) are all 3000 mAh battery cases that will fit alongside the recently released OffGrid Express. The various battery cases provide slightly different fits and looks, and will be released from now until March. OffGrid will also be offered with a charging dock for $120.”


Incipio offGRID Battery Cases for iPhone 6 featured in, “The best new iPhone 6 cases and accessories I saw at CES 2015” | CNET

“Best New iPhone 6 cases and accessories I saw at CES 2015”


Incipio offGRID Battery Cases for iPhone 6 featured on Mac Rumors

“Incipio also revealed new versions of its offGRID battery case line at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday. The company introduced four charging cases for the iPhone 6 from the offGRID line, but the announcement did not include any versions for the iPhone 6 Plus. “

“The first was the offGRID Express with a 3,000 mAh battery available only in black and the only case available for purchase today. The offGRIDoffGRID SHINE, and offGRID EXO were also announced, sporting more detailed protective “co-mold design” for sudden drops, varying color options, and external charging pins that allow compatibility with the also-announced offGRID Dock. The company says that “2015 marks the year of the offGRID,” said Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive of Incipio, hoping the dramatic range of product options will satiate old fans and bring in new users.”


Incipio offGRID Express Battery Case for iPhone 6 featured in, “Things We Like for 2015: A Realist’s Guide to CES” | The Wirecutter

We had a feeling there would be a number of iPhone 6 battery cases at the show. A number of companies announced their contenders, with Incipio actually shipping its offGRID Express ($80). In pre-show testing, the 3,000-mAh pack provided a total charge of 116 percent to an iPhone 6; put simply, it’ll give you a full extra charge and change. This is a much higher capacity than our current iPhone 5 pick, the Lenmar Meridian, which has a 2,300-mAh cell. It’s a good price for the performance and is aggressive compared to most of the competition we saw at the show. Most ~3,000-mAh batteries are going for about $100. The design of this one is very similar to previous offGRIDs: all plastic with a battery sled and a snap-on frame.”


Incipio offGRID Express Battery Case for iPhone 6 featured in, “Incipio Unveils The offGRID EXPRESS Backup Battery Case For iPhone 6; Available Today For $79.99” | NJ Tech Reviews

“Incipio has just unveiled a new case for the iPhone 6, specifically they have introduced the offGRID EXPRESS Backup Battery Case. They will be showing it off at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show this week, but it is available today for purchase from http:/incipio.com. Incipio is one of the first companies to be releasing a battery case for the iPhone 6…”


Incipio offGRID Express Battery Case featured in, “The most reasonable iPhone 6 battery case, the Incipio’s OffGRID Express” | Geek Says

“The most reasonable iPhone 6 battery case, Incipio’s offGRID Express”

Incipio has already started delivering its first OffGRID battery case for iPhone 6. This iPhone 6 battery case is called offGRID Express which is available at 80$. Coming in matte black this Apple certified iPhone 6 battery case is protected with a metallic button protector in the four sides and the back of the battery is angular.” 

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Incipio offGRID Battery Case for iPhone 6 featured in, “Incipio Unveils Their offGRID Battery Case For The iPhone 6” | Tech Guys Smart Buy

“Incipio looks to get the CES announcements going sooner rather than later.  Their offGRID line is now expanding to the iPhone 6 w/ their newest announcement.  Meet the offGRID Express battery case for one of Apple’s latest iPhones.  The case is easy to apply as the battery pack attaches by simply snapping it on.  This battery case offers a 3000 mAh battery that can help you achieve up to 17 hours of talk time + double your normal internet-based activities (streaming, emails, chats, etc.). For those of you interested, you don’t have to wait as it already available  starting today on Incipio’s site.  Hit the link below to grab yours.”

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Incipio offGRID Backup Battery Bank featured in, “Incipio Announce The offGrid 6000mAh Backup Battery Bank With Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0” | Android Headlines

“The Backup Battery Bank was just announced today by Incipio at CES in Las Vegas. Now, there are plenty of battery banks out there to choose from, but the big selling point for this one is that it comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology built in. As such (and as long as you smartphone is compatible) you can benefit from up to 75% faster charging. Quick charge aside, the Backup Battery Bank is a beast in its own right, boasting a 6000mAh battery inside. In addition, the bank also offers dual ports so that two devices can be charged at the same time. If you are charging two devices, then one of them can still benefit from the Quick Charge technology while the other will charge at the standard rate.”

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