Apple iPhone with Dual Batteries 4GB 4GB and 8GB (249 and 449)?

With all the hype and rumors around the possibility of Apple releasing the fabled iPhone no one bothered to check that the name “iPhone” is trademarked by someone other than Apple, in this case the technology giant Cisco Systems who has released information and photos of their own iPhone device. Even though Apple may not use the iPhone trademark there is evidence that they are working on a prototype for a phone/media device. According to Kevin Rose, founder of who has correctly predicted releases of several other Apple devices, Apple is still moving forward on the release of their iPod inspired phone. Rose mentioned that among its features the device will have a “slide-out keyboard” flash memory of 4GB or 8GB and will be available on all providers. When and if the phone does appear there will be plenty of accessories here at Incipio for all of you Apple fans