No work. All play! This Labor Day weekend, we want to encourage you to make the most of your time off by doing something fun—outside or even at home. Figuring out what to do is half the battle, so we’ll take part of that off your plate with five easy, affordable activity ideas you can choose from; or you can even do a few of them over the course of the weekend depending on how ambitious you are.

Read through the list, choose your favorite and make it happen! And don’t forget to shop our 25%-off-sitewide sale so you can stay protected and powered for all the photo-taking and posting you’ll be doing.

Road Trip

If you’re looking to get out of town, but never planned that out-of-state (or out-of-country) vacation you were contemplating, a road trip is the next best thing! You don’t even have to go far (but you also can if you’re up for it!). Think about a city, beach, state park, landmark, etc. that you’ve been wanting to visit and make that your destination. You can use your favorite map app to get the best route and find cool stops along the way (Yelp is also a handy resource). Your expenses will be minimal: gas, food/drinks and accommodations—for last-minute hotel deals, try the Hotel Tonight app or book a bedroom in a shared house on your go-to alternative lodging app/site, like Airbnb. Even if your travel buddies are busy, solo trips tend to be really fun and eye-opening.

Local Outdoor Concert/Movie

You’d be surprised at how much is going on in your neighborhood or nearby city—and a lot of it can be free too. All it takes is a quick Google search (“Labor Day events near me”). Check it out. There’s bound to be a free to low-cost concert or movie at a location like a park or beach. Pack up your folding chairs, beach blanket, warm clothes (for when it gets chillier at night) and allowable refreshments (depends on the venue—just look for the event FAQ). It might not be your favorite band or film, but if you go with your favorite people, the experience will be a fun one.

Fun Run

Mix fun with exercise over the long weekend.  From obstacle courses and color runs (where everyone wears white and gets doused in bright colors at each distance benchmark) to traditional 3K or 5Ks, the likelihood of finding an event that’s just your speed is pretty high! Again, Google will be your best friend in finding the perfect run/walk event near you. And the more the merrier, so grab the biggest group of friends as you can to join you. The entrance fee will more than be worth it (you might even be able to find a deal through sites like Groupon or Eventbrite!). 

BBQ/Pool Party

If you have a grill, a pool or both, invite a select group of family and friends (depending on how big your space is) to celebrate together. Make it even more affordable by having it be a BYOB (bring your own beverages) potluck get-together. Everyone supplies what they want to drink and brings a dish to share. It’s the best recipe for a good time.

If that seems like too much work, hit up your friends to see which one of them might be planning the BBQ at their place—just don’t forget to bring something to contribute to the party.

Or if you want to go even bigger, lots of city hotels host big pool parties that bring in tons of people ready to have a good time. It’ll cost you to get in and to get refreshments, but your fun is pretty much guaranteed and you don’t have to do any work!

Game Night

Prefer to stay indoors? Have a small group of like-minded friends come over after dinner (to keep costs even lower) and ask that each person bring their favorite board game. Then, binge-play as many as you can—uncontrollable laughing and competitive talk will no doubt ensue. You can supply the chips and dip, and everyone else can pitch in by bringing their own drinks.

Whatever you choose to do, stay safe and have a great time!