5 Reasons Why You Should Download iOS 11 Now.

Feeling like you need an iPhone refresh but don’t want to drop $1000 on the iPhone X? Well, Apple’s most recent software update, iOS 11 dropped yesterday and it won’t cost you a dime. Designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch, iOS 11 brings a new look and feel to your existing Apple device. We’ve rounded up our favorite 5 new features of iOS 11 that will make you want to click download now.

iOS 11 the verge

[Image: The Verge]

One-handed keyboard

Are you a lefty? Do you just want to type with one hand without difficulty? Then you’re in luck. iOS 11 allows you to have the keyboard pushed over to one side of the screen so it makes it easier to type.

Next Level Screenshots

Wish you could write on your screenshots… maybe circle something? Now you can; after you screenshot an image, you can edit it before sending it off. Are you ever watching a video and want to record it.. not just screen shot? Problem solved. In iOS 11, you will be able to record your screen easily from your device’s control center.iOS 11 capability

New screenshot capability on iOS 11. 

Customize your Control Center. 

Apple has redesigned the control center so everything you want to access quickly is on one screen instead of multiple. Now you can customize the control center to have whatever you want. Want access to your Apple TV? Done. Don’t have the need for a calculator? Remove it. Simple as that. Now that all controls are on one screen, some features are hidden within like night mode which can be accessed by holding down the brightness indicator.

iOS 11 control center

The new Control Center on iOS 11. 

Join the Wifi

It happens all the time; you’re at a friends house and either they forget their wifi password or it’s too complicated to join. Enter iOS 11 where if another iOS device tries to join the same Wi-Fi network you’re currently using, a pop-up will appear so you can effortlessly share the network’s password.

Safety First When Driving

Apple is stepping up their features to ensure drivers are being safe on the road. To prevent distraction from iOS devices, iOS 11 has the option to silence all notifications while you are driving. Called “Do Not Disturb While Driving”, this feature will most definitely help you stay focused while on the road.

Have you downloaded iOS 11 yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below!