5 Reasons to Get Your Hands on the DualPro Case


We can all agree that the moment your phone falls out of your hands and it’s free-falling (or flying across the room), it feels like your heart stops.Then comes the landing and the hesitation to look at the results—is the phone OK or is it tragically damaged? It’s legitimately stressful (especially when it’s the latter outcome)!

Whether you’re extra cautious about carrying your phone or you’re clumsier than normal, accidents arebound to happen, so why not sign up for a little peace of mind? That’s where the DualPro® phone case comes in. Here’s why…Incipio DualPro

  1. Two Layers and 10 Feet of Drop Protection

We built the DualPro case with two layers of military-grade protection that will help your phone survive 10-foot drops—without the bulk. The DualPro is attractively slim, so you maintain the sleek, stylish look of your phone.


  1. Tried-and-True for 10 Years

Our original dual-layer protective case has been keeping phones safe and out of harm’s way for a decade. A decade! To put it in perspective, the DualPro has been there for every generation of iPhone (since the very first one)—if only every single iPhone used the DualPro, more could have been saved over the years.


  1. Proven to Survive Subaru Attacks

Yes, really. Read all about it on Business Insider.


  1. A Small Price to Pay for Peace of Mind

Just $29.99 to help your phone stay pristine longer and reduce the awful aforementioned feeling when your phone falls out of your hands? Worth it.


  1. It’s Guaranteed

As part of our promise to you, our products come with a one-year limited warranty and a smiling, first-class customer service team who is here to answer any and all of your questions.


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